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[3 Tips]How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone 8 Without Cost

Updated on Feb 11, 2018 by Cedric Grantham to iPhone Data Transfer

Having got the newly released iPhone 8 with full-screen display and iOS 11 running perfectly? Now, it's the time for you to transfer photos from your old iPhone to the brand new iPhone 8 with three simple and free methods provided in this blog.

Applies To: iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 5/5s running iOS 11/10/9/8

Based on previous iPhone launches, the next-generation Apple iPhone 8 will be released in September 2017. Ready to get it in your pocket? However, you may encounter a headache problem when you have the new brand iPhone 8 by then, which is how to transfer data from old iPhone to iPhone 8, including photos, contacts, notes, calendars, songs, Safari bookmarks & history, applications. And in this article, we mainly talk about transferring photos from iPhone 6/5/5s to iPhone 8 with three simple and free ways, they are EaseUS MobiMover Free to transfer photo in single or in batches; AirDrop to move pictures within Photos app and iTunes to add photos to iPhone 8 with a backup of the old iPhone.

How to Transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone 8

Part 1: How to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone 8 using MobiMover Free

Actually, there are lots of iOS data transfer software available if you search in Google, however, if you want to find a 100% free one without quantity and content limitations, then, there is only EaseUS MobiMover Free for you to transfer photos from old iPhone to iPhone 8 with ease. In addition to photos, more contents on the old iPhone can be moved to iPhone 8 with MobiMover, like most important contacts, notes, messages, Safari bookmarks & history, music, music videos, home videos, voice memos and more. Moreover, MobiMover provides files management solutions.

1. Download and install EaseUS MobiMover Free on your PC. Please ensure your PC is running Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10, and upgrade the two iPhones to iOS 8 or later, including iOS 11 carried on iPhone 8.

2. Connect two iPhones to your PC and tap on "Trust This Computer" on the devices for data access. Run MobiMover Free, choose the right iPhone device as the original one to transfer photos from in the left upper corner.

choose the right iPhone to transfer photos

3. Click Transfer to Other Device in the main interface, and tick Photos in the categories list with the quantity number displayed behind. No matter how many photos you've got, MobiMover can transfer them to iPhone 8 at a time with a very fast speed.

transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone 8

4. Click Transfer to begin to copy photos from old iPhone to new iPhone 8, and MobiMover will put pictures to the Photos app directly. As time grows, photos on your new iPhone 8 will become more and more with large space-consuming, you are highly suggested to back up photos from iPhone 8 to the computer or a mobile hard disk to avoid any data loss. 

begin to transfer

Part 2: How to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone 8 using AirDrop

Among the three available solutions, using AirDrop to transfer pictures from iPhone to iPhone 8 can be the simplest one.

1. Turn on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on both iPhones.

2. Turn on AirDrop from the control center on both iPhones.

3. Open the Photos app on the old iPhone and tap Select on the top right to choose the photos need to be moved.

4. Tap the Share button at the lower left corner, and then choose your iPhone 8 in the AirDrop list.

5. Choose Accept on iPhone 8 to receive the AirDrop photos.

use airdrop to transfer photos from iphone to iphone 8

Part 3: How to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone 8 using iTunes backup

Taking iTunes backup to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone 8 is a common way. And operations can be concluded in two steps: backing up photos from old iPhone to iTunes backup, and restore the backed up photos to new iPhone 8.

1. Connect the old iPhone to the computer via USB cable.

2. Run the latest iTunes on PC or Mac.

3. Click the iPhone device button and choose Backups.

4. Click This computer and choose Back Up Now. Wait patiently till the whole files on old iPhone are backed up to the computer, including photos.

5. Plug out the old iPhone and connect iPhone 8 to the computer.

6. Click iPhone 8 device button within iTunes and choose Restore Backup to transfer the synced photos to iPhone 8.

use itunes backup to transer photos to iphone8