How to Transfer Photos from iPhone 7 to iPhone X/8

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Lionel Updated on Jun 06, 2018 to iPhone Data Transfer | How-to Articles

Yesterday, I bought a brand new iPhone X, that was amazing and it was a fantastic feeling to own such a master product, I loved so much the OLED screen which had a far away better display quality than the old series of iPhone, so now I really want to send all of my photos from my old iPhone 7 to iPhone X without losing any data, if someone know how to do this job, any suggestion would be appreciate, thanks a lot.

Get a new iPhone X or iPhone 8? That is a fantastic thing. The new iPhone X or iPhone 8 has so many useful and powerful features like the nearly full screen with a high resolution, which has a much better display quality than the old one, so if you've changed your iPhone 7 into iPhone X or iPhone 8, you may see the big difference compared with them. Therefore, if you are still wondering the free solution to transfer all the data like photos on your iPhone 7 to iPhone X or iPhone 8, in this article, you can find the right answer. To transfer photos from iPhone 7 to iPhone X/iPhone 8, we recommend you to use a free iPhone data transfer tool called EaseUS MobiMover, it is designed to transfer photos, music, contacts and other kinds of iPhone data between iOS devices or between iPhone/iPad and computer like import music from computer to iPhone. By the way, with the clean interface and easy operation, you could manage all the files and data on iPhone easily. What's more, if you want to use a wireless way to transfer photos from iPhone 7 to iPhone X or iPhone 8, you can use AirDrop to make it with ease. 

How to transfer photos from iPhone 7 to iPhone X/iPhone 8 with MobiMover Free

With the data transfer feature between two iOS devices, you can transfer photos/videos/music/contacts/notes from iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to iPad, iPad to iPad, and iPad to iPhone. What's more, if you need to back up iPhone data to computer, or need to transfer files to new iPhone X/iPhone 8, MobiMover can still meet your demands with ease.

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Step 1: Connect your old iPhone and new iPhone X and iPhone 8 to the computer running Windows or Mac OS. MobiMover can be installed on both the two operating systems to transfer photos from between two iPhones. Now, Run EaseUS MobiMover Free for Windows and go to the main screen.

MobiMover main screen

Step 2: If you want to sync specific or the whole photos from iPhone to iPhone 8/iPhone X, you can use the Custom pattern by clicking your iPhone device next to 1-Click-Transfer and go to Picture.

custom picture management

Step 3: Choose Photo and go to the photos management interface. You can see the data transfer features are marked clearly. Choose the photos you want to sync to iPhone X/8 and click Transfer to Other Device

photos management

Step 4: Choose your iPhone X or iPhone 8 and MobiMover will begin to sync the selected photos from iPhone to new iPhone. When the process finished, open the Photos App on your iPhone X/8 to check the items. 

choose iPhone X or iPhone 8

How to transfer photos from iPhone 7 to iPhone X/iPhone 8 with AirDrop

The second method we suggest is using Apple AirDrop, which enables you to transfer photos from iPhone 7 to iPhone X or iPhone 8 wirelessly. And to be frank, for photos transfer, AirDrop may be the easiest way, but for other files migrations, like music and video sendings, MobiMover is your first choice as it can transfer files in batches at an amazing speed. 

Step 1: First of all, turn on Wi-Fi connections (Wi-Fi connections problems fixes here) and Bluetooth on both iPhones. 

Step 2: Open AirDrop on both iPhones from the Control Center.

Step 3: Run Photos app on the iPhone 7, tap the Select button in the left upper corner to choose photos and then choose the Share button. 

Step 4: Tap AirDrop under photos and choose iPhone 8 or iPhone X as the target device. 

Step 5: Go to your iPhone 8 or iPhone X, and tap Accept on the notice box to receive the photos from Airdrop.

transfer music from ipad to ipad with airdrop