How to Transfer Photos between iPhones Easily and Quickly for Free

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Myra Updated on Apr 04, 2018 to iPhone Data Transfer | How-to Articles

Looking for the fast and easy way to import photos from your old iPhone 7/iPhone 6 to your new iPhone X/iPhone 8? Want to share lots of photos on your iPhone with your friends or families? No matter which situation you are in, as long as you want to transfer photos between two iOS devices, you can use EaseUS MobiMover Free to hlep you with it. MobiMover is the world's first completely free iOS data transfer software for you to use. With MobiMover installed on your computer, you can not only transfer photos between iPhones/iPads but also add photos to your iPhone from computer or back up your iPhone photos to computer free of charge. Sounds attractive? Read on to get more details.

How to transfer photos between iPhones for free

Although you can AirDrop photos from iPhone to iPhone, having your computer equipped with MobiMover enables you to do more things than sharing photos between iPhones. As you will know, MobiMover is designed to sync files from computer to iPhone/iPad, back up iPhone/iPad content to computer and copy data from one iDevice to another. In addition to photos, other files like contacts, messages, notes, calendars, movies, TV shows, music, videos, music, ringtones, voice memos, audiobooks, and more can also be transferred to or out of your iOS device. Can't wait to have a try? Follow the steps below to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone within minutes.

Step 1: Download and install EaseUS MobiMover Free on your computer with Windows 10/8.1/8/7.

Step 2: Connect your iPhones (or other two iDevices running iOS 8 or later) to your computer with USB cables and start MobiMover. For conveniences, you can connect your source iPhone to computer first to avoid switching devices later. Once connected, click Trust on your iPhone to continue.

How to transfer photos between iPhones - Step 2

Step 3: If you want to transfer all photos from one iPhone to another, choose Transfer to Other Device among the four features and wait for your iPhone content to be loaded. All the detected items will be selected automatically as shown in the image below. While if you want to transfer photos between iPhones selectively, go to Custom > Photos > Photo Library from the main interface to make it. (Under Custom, you can import files to your iPhone like adding music to iPhone 8/8 Plus.)

How to transfer photos between iPhones - Step 3

Step 4: Keep the category/categories you'd like to copy selected only and then click Transfer to begin to transfer photos from one iPhone to another.

How to transfer photos between iPhones - Step 4

Step 5: The photos will be transferred from iPhone to iPhone safely and quickly. When the transfer is completed, go to the App shown in the MobiMover window to check the items.

How to transfer photos between iPhones - Step 5

For iPhone users, MobiMover is a truly unmissable tool when it comes to iPhone data transfer or iPhone file management. Without any limitation on the features you can use or one the items you can transfer, MobiMover is a REALLY FREE tool for the data transfer between two iOS devices or between iOS device and computer. Don't hesitate to install MobiMover on your PC and make it your good helper.