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2 Free Ways to Transfer Music from Old iPhone to New iPhone 8

2017-08-14 11:24:20 Posted by Myra to iPhone Data Transfer

Once you’ve bought the new iPhone 8, transferring music from your old iPhone to your new iPhone may be one of the things you want to do first. Here in this blog post, two free ways about how to import music from old iPhone to new iPhone 8 are introduced. Hope you find them useful.

When you get a new iPhone 8, you need to enrich the content of your newly bought device, you can transfer photos to your iPhone 8 to enjoy the happiness carried by the photos, sync contacts to your iPhone 8 to never lose touch with your old friends or import music to your new iPhone to never miss your favorable songs as detailed in this blog post. Read on and you will learn the 2 easy and free ways to make it.

How to transfer music from old iPhone to new iPhone 8

Method 1: Transfer music from old iPhone to new iPhone via EaseUS MobiMover Free

We always like to use iTunes to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone, but iTunes operation speed could be too slow to work. Nobody likes this. So it is important for us to find an alternative choice of iTunes. EaseUS MobiMover Free is one of the top options here. It is a newly released free iPhone transfer tool. MobiMover has nearly all the functions of iTunes, meanwhile, it also has a great custom file managing function. It will help you to send music files to new iPhone.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS MobiMover on your computer. Please make sure that you’re using a computer with Windows 7 system or later. If you don’t have a MobiMover now, get one here.

Step 2. Connect both of your devices to this computer. Then click the device name on the left top. You need to choose the device which you want to transfer music from. Otherwise, the data will be transferred from new iPhone 8 to the one iPhone.

Step 3. Click the button Transfer to Other Ddevice. If you got a notice box says Please connect 2 devices at least, please check the lightning cable and connect your devices again.


Step 4. If everything goes well, there should be a list of categories, please select the category Audios. If you want to transfer photos to iPhone too, you could select the category of Photos as well.


Step 5. Click the button Transfer at the bottom of this window. The transferring process will take a few seconds, but it is way faster than transferring with iTunes.

Tips: Don't forget to check the music files on your iPhone 8.


Method 2: Transfer songs from old iPhone to new iPhone 8 via AirDrop

AirDrop is available on your iPhone. You can surely use it to transfer iPhone data but one song per time. The detailed steps are shown below.

Step 1: Open Control Center on both of your devices.

Step 2: Turn on AirDrop and set your device to be discovered by "Contacts Only" or "Everyone".

Step 3: Go to Music App on your old iPhone and play the song you want to transfer.

Step 4: In the playing window, tap on the AirDrop icon at the bottom of the screen and then choose your iPhone 8.

Step 5: On your iPhone 8, click "Accept" to start to receive the song.

How to transfer music from old iPhone to new iPhone 8 - Method 2