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How to Transfer Audio Books to the iPhone with iOS 11 without Any Cost

Posted on Sep 11, 2017 by Duke to iPhone Data Transfer

Need free iPhone data transfer? You could try EaseUS MobiMover to transfer audio books with iOS 11 system. One Drive is also a free option.

When you are on the train to another city or just getting bored before sleep, you could turn on your iPhone and listen to the audio books. Although people like watch movies and other kinds of videos to kill the time. But, in fact, there are still many people prefer to listen to the audio books when they have spare time. Since the new iOS system is coming, you may have just changed your iPhone or upgrade iPhone to iOS 11. You audio books might get lost. How to transfer audio books to the iPhone with iOS 11 system? Is there any difference in the between the transferring processes to iOS 10 and iOS 11?

Method 1. Transfer audio books to the iPhone with iOS 11 without difference

If you are using iTunes to transfer data from computer to iPhone, you may need to pay attention to the changes that might happen on iTunes. But, what if you are using an iTunes alternative, that would be different. Because they want to keep users to get used to them. There are lots of great iTunes alternatives, for example, EaseUS MobiMover. This is a free iPhone data transfer program. It could help you to transfer contacts, audio books, music and other files to iPhone with iOS 11 easily. What's more, it is also a great iPhone data manager.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS MobiMover on your computer. If you don't have it, please download and install it here. It will help you to transfer audio books to iPhone with iOS 11 system.

Tips: MobiMover could support Windows 7 and any Windows system later than 7.

Step 2. Unlock your iPhone and connect it to your computer. If iPhone is asking for authorization, please tap the button Trust. Otherwise, you couldn't read the data on your iPhone via computer.

Step 3. Click the Transfer to This Device. This function will help you to transfer audio book to iPhone with iOS 11 system from the computer. Click By folder if you have many files to transfer. You could also choose to transfer by files and select them one by one.


Step 4. Find your audio book files on the computer, if you have more files after selection, please click Add to select more files.

Tips: If you want to send music files to iPhone, please select them as well.


Step 5. Click the button Transfer to start the process. It will only take a few seconds, the transfer speed is way faster than iTunes.


Method 2. Transfer audio books to iPhone with iOS 11 via another online drive

In fact, there are other methods that won't be affected by the iOS system update. One Drive is the online drive the provided by MS. Although it has a free limitation and highly depends on Wif-Fi speed, it's still one of the solutions.

You could also use One Drive to send photos to iPhone.

Step 1. Download One Drive on your computer. Then launch it and update to the new version.

Step 2. Upload the audio books to One Drive. You may want to check it out on the web after uploading.

Step 3. Install One Drive app on your iPhone 8. Then log in with your MS account and download your audio books.

This is also a method to transfer audio book to iPhone with iOS 11