How to Sync Photos from iPhone to iPhone for Free

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Myra Updated on Jun 22, 2018 to iPhone Data Transfer | How-to Articles

You like taking photos using your iPhone. That's why the photos always take up most of your iPhone storage and you don't want to lose the wonderful pictures you have taken. When you get a new iPhone, you will want to move all the photos to the new device. Thus it's necessary for you to know how to sync photos from iPhone to iPhone. Read on and you will get three free solutions in this post to easily and effectively transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone: using EaseUS MobiMover Free, iCloud and iTunes backup. 

How to Sync Photos from iPhone to iPhone

Tip 1: Transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone with MobiMover Free

EaseUS MobiMover Free is the unique iPhone data transfer software enables you to copy photos from one iPhone to another in a completely free way. The photos can be from Camera Roll, Photo Stream, and Photo Library. Besides, with MobiMover, you can also migrate videos, music, contacts, notes, books, Safari bookmark & history and so on between iOS devices or between iOS device and computer. 

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Step 1: Connect two iPhones to the computer running Windows 7/8/10 with a USB cable. Run EaseUS MobiMover for Windows and go to the main screen. 

Tips: You also can use EaseUS MobiMover for Mac to move photos from iPhone to iPhone, and the operating steps are the same. 

MobiMover main screen

Step 2: The 1-Click-Transfer feature enables you to save the whole photo library from iPhone to iPhone. If you want to download specific items, you can use the Custom pattern by clicking your iPhone name and find Picture.

custom picture

Step 3: Click Photo and go to the photos management screen. You can see the data transfer features are annotated clearly. Choose the photos you need to copy to another and click Transfer to Other Device

photos management screen

Step 4: Click your iPhone or you can click your iPhone device to change the target device and the photos will be sent right away. When the process finished, open the Photos App on the target device to check the items. 

choose iPhone and begin to copy photos

Too many photos storage on iPhone will definitely take lots of memory, you'd better transfer photos from iPhone to the computer with MobiMover Free to free up space regularly, which is a smart choice for making iPhone faster

Tip 2: Sync photos from iPhone to iPhone via iCloud

If you use iCloud service, you can do things like managing iCloud calendar on PC and downloading contacts from iCloud to PC. You can also sync the photos on your devices with iCloud. Turn on Wi-Fi on both of your devices and follow the steps below to continue.

Step 1: Go to Settings App on your iPhone.

Step 2: Tap on your name and choose "iCloud".

Step 3: Click "Photos" and turn on "iCloud Photo Library".

Step 4: switch on "Upload to My Photo Stream".

Step 5: Repeat the steps above on another iPhone.

How to sync photos from iPhone to iPhone with iCloud

Tip 3: Sync photos from iPhone to iPhone via iTunes

If you choose to use iTunes instead of using iCloud, you need a computer to help you.

Step 1: Connect your source iPhone to computer. (Here Windows PC is set as an example.)

Step 2: Go to "This PC" and double-click your iPhone under "Devices and drives".

Step 3: Go to "Internal Storage" and choose "DCIM", which contain the photos taken on your iPhone.

Step 4: Copy the photos you want to transfer to another device and save them in a folder.

Step 5: Connect your target iPhone to PC and run iTunes

Step 6: Click the Device tab and choose "Photos".

Step 7: Click the checkbox next to "Sync Photos" and choose the folder you saved the photos in "Copy photos from:".

Step 8: Then click "Apply" to begin to sync photos from iPhone to iPhone.

How to sync photos from iPhone to iPhone with iTunes