Free Ways to Easily Send Pictures from iPhone to iPhone 8

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Myra Updated on Jun 25, 2018 to iPhone Data Transfer | How-to Articles

After the release of new iPhone 8, many iPhone users have gotten the new iPhone model at first hand. What come along with the new device are the problems about how to copy the content from the old iPhone to the new one. The pictures may have some special meanings for you, so that send pictures to new iPhone 8 is one of the necessary works you have to do.

If you are encountering the same or similar situation, take a look at this blog post that is solely devoted to introducing the ways about how to send pictures from iPhone to iPhone 8.

How to send pictures from iPhone to iPhone 8

Tip 1. Transfer pictures from iPhone to iPhone 8 with EaseUS MobiMover Free

We have found that many people are complaining about having to wait forever when they are using the iTunes. So why not find an iTunes alternative? EaseUS MobiMover Free is easy to use iPhone transfer. It will help you to transfer data from old iPhone to this new iPhone 8 with only a few steps. You could also try to manage the files and data on your iPhone with a clear user interface. Check following tips to send images from iPhone to iPhone 8. If you want to transfer photos from iPhone to computer, Mobimover is helpful too.

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Step 1: Connect your old iPhone and new iPhone X and iPhone 8 to the computer running Windows or Mac OS. MobiMover can be installed on both the two operating systems to transfer photos from between two iPhones. Now, Run EaseUS MobiMover Free for Windows and go to the main screen.

MobiMover main screen

Step 2: If you want to sync specific or the whole photos from iPhone to iPhone 8/iPhone X, you can use the Custom pattern by clicking your iPhone device next to 1-Click-Transfer and go to Picture.

custom picture management

Step 3: Choose Photo and go to the photos management interface. You can see the data transfer features are marked clearly. Choose the photos you want to sync to iPhone X/8 and click Transfer to Other Device

photos management

Step 4: Choose your iPhone X or iPhone 8 and MobiMover will begin to sync the selected photos from iPhone to new iPhone. When the process finished, open the Photos App on your iPhone X/8 to check the items. 

choose iPhone X or iPhone 8

Tip 2: sync pictures from iPhone to iPhone 8 via iCloud

You can easily sync the photos on all your iCloud device using the iCloud service My Photo Stream. What you need to do is to connect both of your iPhones to Wi-Fi and sign into the devices with the same iCloud account. The detailed steps are shown below. (With iCloud service, you can manage your iCloud Calendar on PC.)

Step 1: Open Settings on your iPhone.

Step 2: Tap on your name and click "iCloud".

Step 3: Choose "Photos" and then toggle on "My Photo Stream".

Step 4: Repeat the steps about on your another iPhone.

How to send pictures from iPhone to iPad - Tip 1