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How to Send Photos to iPhone 8 in 3 Ways

Posted on Aug 08, 2017 by Duke to iPhone Data Transfer

Photos are really important, some of them may have special meanings. Remember to transfer photos to your new iPhone 8. This post will help you to finish that in free ways.

I want to get a new iPhone 8 as soon as it released, but I don't want to lose my photos on the iPhone I'm using now. There are full of memories and really valuable for me. How to send these photo to iPhone 8. And, I also have other photos on other devices, could you help me about those too?

When you get a new phone, there are always situations like this. It is definitely that there are lots of valuable memories in your photos. When you get a new smartphone, like iPhone 8, it would be great to have those memories on your iPhone 8 too. This guide will help to send photos to iPhone 8 from other Apple devices, Windows PCs, and Android phones.

Part 1. How to send photos to iPhone 8 from other iPhone/iPad for free

When we need to transfer photos from Apple mobile devices, we may usually choose to transfer the data to the computer with iTunes first, then transfer them to the other device later. There are too many steps of operation. So, why not just get another method? EaseUS MobiMover is an iPhone transfer with file managing functions. It can connect two devices directly to your computer and help you to send photos to iPhone 8 from other devices easily.

Step 1. Download EaseUS MobiMover Free on your computer and install it. Then connect your devices to this computer.

Step 2. Launch the program, find your devices' names on the left top, choose the device you want to transfer photos from.


Step 3. You will find the function Transfer to other device, click it. If your device has disconnected to the computer, you will get a notice on the computer.


Step 4. Find the Music category and check the box on the left and choose the device name you want to send photos to. Then click Transfer to start.


Part 2. How to send photos to iPhone 8 from Windows PC

There are lots of ways to transfer photos from a Windows PC to iPhone 8. You could also transfer photos to iPhone with EaseUS MobiMover. It supports transferring data from computer to iPhone/iPad too.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone 8 to the computer. Please notice that if iPhone is asking for authorization, tap Trust on the screen of iPhone.

Step 2. Launch EaseUS MobiMover on the computer and update it to the latest version.

Step 3. Click the first button Transfer to device>By folder, then choose the folder which you save the photos. If the photos are in different folders, please click Add to select the rest.


Step 4. Confirm about the category you need to transfer. If you have selected all the photos you need, click the Transfer at the bottom of the window to start.


Part 3. How to send photos to iPhone 8 from Android phone

The number of iPhone users is increasing every year, but Android still has the biggest number of users. If you are an Android user and want to change to iPhone, you can try this method to transfer photos to iPhone 8 from an Android phone with the help of One Drive. If you want to transfer everything from Android phone to iPhone, you could try Move to iOS app.

One Drive is an online drive developed by Microsoft, the main function of One Drive is sync photos, video, and other files to devices. It is really helpful if you need to transfer photos to iPhone 8 from an Android phone or Windows PC.

Step 1. Download and install One Drive on both of your phones.

Step 2. Open One Drive on Android phone, then click the Photos at the bottom and upload them.

Step 3. Open One Drive on iPhone 8, download photos from the albums.

This is the easiest way to transfer photos to iPhone 8 from Android phone.