How to Send Photos to iPhone 8 in 3 Ways

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Duke Updated on Jun 13, 2018 to iPhone Data Transfer | How-to Articles

I want to get a new iPhone 8 as soon as it released, but I don't want to lose my photos on the iPhone I'm using now. There are full of memories and really valuable for me. How to send these photo to iPhone 8. And, I also have other photos on other devices, could you help me about those too?

When you get a new phone, there are always situations like this. It is definitely that there are lots of valuable memories in your photos. When you get a new smartphone, like iPhone 8, it would be great to have those memories on your iPhone 8 too. This guide will help to send photos to iPhone 8 from other Apple devices, Windows PCs, and Android phones.

Part 1. How to send photos to iPhone 8 from other iPhone/iPad for free

When we need to transfer photos from Apple mobile devices, we may usually choose to transfer the data to the computer with iTunes first, then transfer them to the other device later. There are too many steps of operation. So, why not just get another method? EaseUS MobiMover is an iPhone transfer with file managing functions. It can connect two devices directly to your computer and help you to send photos to iPhone 8 from other devices easily.

Now, click the button below to safely download and install EaseUS MobiMover Free on your computer, then follow the steps to transfer photos from one iOS device to another.

 Free Download for PC
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 Free Download for Mac
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Step 1: Connect two iPhones to the computer running Windows 7/8/10 with a USB cable. Run EaseUS MobiMover for Windows and go to the main screen. 

Tips: You also can use EaseUS MobiMover for Mac to move photos from iPhone to iPhone, and the operating steps are the same. 

MobiMover main screen

Step 2: The 1-Click-Transfer feature enables you to save the whole photo library from iPhone to iPhone. If you want to download specific items, you can use the Custom pattern by clicking your iPhone name and find Picture.

custom picture

Step 3: Click Photo and go to the photos management screen. You can see the data transfer features are annotated clearly. Choose the photos you need to copy to another and click Transfer to Other Device

photos management screen

Step 4: Click your iPhone or you can click your iPhone device to change the target device and the photos will be sent right away. When the process finished, open the Photos App on the target device to check the items. 

choose iPhone and begin to copy photos

Part 2. How to send photos to iPhone 8 from Windows PC

There are lots of ways to transfer photos from a Windows PC to iPhone 8. You could also transfer photos to iPhone with EaseUS MobiMover. It supports transferring data from computer to iPhone/iPad too.

 Free Download for PC
Secure Download
 Free Download for Mac
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Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer (Windows 7/8/10) with a USB cable and start EaseUS MobiMover. Once connected, tap on Trust on your iPhone to continue.

main screen of one-click transfer

Step 2: Click the drop-down menu next to your iPhone device and choose PC/Desktop to transfer photos from PC to iPhone. You can select to import photos by folder or by file

one click transfer - PC - iPhone

Step 3: Go to your computer to find the photos you want to import to your iPhone (iPhone X/8/8 Plus included). MobiMover enables you to transfer multiple pictures from PC or laptop to your iPhone without quantity limitation. 

find the photos on your computer to import to iPhone

Step 4: Select the folders or files you want to import to your iPhone and then click Select Folder or Open. MobiMover will automatically read and load all the supported files in the selected folder. You can choose Picture only to get the data to your iPhone. 

load the images to MobiMover  

Step 5: Click Transfer to begin to add photos from PC to your iPhone at lightning speed. When it finished, go to the Photos App on your iPhone to check the imported pictures. 

begin to transfer photos from PC to iPhone

Part 3. How to send photos to iPhone 8 from Android phone

The number of iPhone users is increasing every year, but Android still has the biggest number of users. If you are an Android user and want to change to iPhone, you can try this method to transfer photos to iPhone 8 from an Android phone with the help of One Drive. If you want to transfer everything from Android phone to iPhone, you could try Move to iOS app.

One Drive is an online drive developed by Microsoft, the main function of One Drive is sync photos, video, and other files to devices. It is really helpful if you need to transfer photos to iPhone 8 from an Android phone or Windows PC.

Step 1. Download and install One Drive on both of your phones.

Step 2. Open One Drive on Android phone, then click the Photos at the bottom and upload them.

Step 3. Open One Drive on iPhone 8, download photos from the albums.

This is the easiest way to transfer photos to iPhone 8 from Android phone.