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Save iPhone Pictures to PC with EaseUS MobiMover Free

Dec 01, 2017 / Posted by Ada to iPhone Data Transfer

To save iPhone pictures to PC can be easily made with EaseUS MobiMover, a free iPhone data transfer software. This article will show the detail process of how to make it quick and free.

With the fast improvement in the quality of photo-taking, smartphone users are more likely to take pictures with phones directly, it’s extremely true for iPhone users as the camera of iPhone is in the top quality among all phone brands. And there are even exclusive iPhone photography competitions. It’s quite common to take photos with iPhone in daily lives, so the need to back up the good ones may be generated. However, it’s quite frustrating to use iTunes or iCloud for the backup as they are not open to all computers and they don’t support direct save. EaseUS MobiMover as an alternative to iTunes can make the extract as simple as copy and paste in only clicks. 

Complying with the general rule of all software of EaseUS, MobiMover is easy to use even for people with no experience for software. Simple interface and clear guide boost the iPhone data management. Besides saving iPhone pictures to PC, the software is also available to back up all other types of iPhone data. For example, It can be applied to iPhone contacts to PC transfer. What’s more, EaseUS MobiMover can be also used as iPhone data manager for it provides editing and deleting choices. 

How to save iPhone pictures to PC with EaseUS MobiMover? 

Step 1. Have MobiMover installed on your Windows PC, and open it. Meanwhile, you are supposed to log into iTunes with your Apple ID on the same PC to provide MobiMover with entry to iPhone. 

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to MobiMover with a USB cable. The detail information including phone number and serial number will be shown in the main interface of MobiMover for a successful connection. 

launch mobimover

Step 3. Click Transfer to Computer to read all of your iPhone pics. Right after entering in, all of your iPhone data will be listed and click Camera Roll, Photo Stream or Photo Library to have your pictures. 

transfer iPhone photo library

Step 4. Select a folder to store the photos on your PC in the lower section of the same window, or you can create one. Then just click Select

transfer pics 

The transfer will start automatically. 

transfer iPhone data to PC

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