Put Photos from iPhone to Computer in Clicks with MobiMover Free

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Ada Posted on Dec 20, 2017 to iPhone Data Transfer | How-to Articles

A lot of choices you will have when need to put photos from iPhone to computer. And this article is to introduce one of the most convenient methods for it's supportable for all types of iPhone data, saving the time to use different applications when various data are supposed to be transferred. That's to say, with only one tool, you can put all of your iPhone data to computer. And the software is MobiMover Free. As suggested, it's a free iPhone transfer software, and more importantly, there is no limitation on any of its functions.

With the increasing dependence on iPhone camera, the number of pics generated in a certain period of time can be very large. And Photo Stream can only keep your first 3,000 pics taken over the last 30 days. What's worse is that iCloud only offers up to 5GB free space for all of your iPhone data storage. So it's quite necessary for you to manage your iPhone photos regularly to leave more space on your iPhone and also helps to improve the performance of your iPhone. So, MobiMover is a perfect choice for you to put photos from iPhone to computer for its unlimited times to be applied. 

Before we formally go to the detailed tutorial of how to use MobiMover to put your iPhone photos to your computer, more knowledge about it should be learned for a full application. MobiMover not only helps to backup iPhone data on computer, it also enables data transfer to iPhone from computer. So a bidirectional data exchange is available. What's more, MobiMover can be used to meet more iPhone data related needs, for example, you can delete multiple contacts on iPhone at once and add new contacts directly on computer to your iPhone. The contact can be many other types of iPhone data that you are the admin. 

The next part is the process of how to use MobiMover to put photos from iPhone to computer. 

Step 1. Get MobiMover downloaded on your Windows PC and make sure that you have installed iTunes on the same PC as it's the essential condition for the running of any other third-party software like MobiMover, or no following operation can be made. 

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to your PC and press Trust This Computer in a prompt on your iPhone to allow the connection. 

Step 3. Go to the main interface of MobiMover and choose Transfer to Computer

main interface of MobiMover

Step 4. select the photos you want to transfer to your PC by folders. 

choose the photo folder

Step 5. Select a folder to keep the photos you are going to transfer to your PC, or you can create a new one. 

After that, the transfer will start immediately.

MobiMover is quite a comprehensive tool for iPhone data transfer and management. You can even use it as simple as an iPhone data browser with its access to detail data.