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Free iPhone Manager Software for Easy Data Transfer and Management

Daisy updated on Jan 11, 2021 to iPhone Data Transfer | How-to Articles

With the release of brand new iPhone 8 and iPhone X, the Apple's smartphone is becoming more and more powerful. Because of its powerful features and convenient operating system, most of the people choose iPhone instead of Android phones. But for a long time, managing data and files on iPhone has been a complicated task for all users. That's why we all need an easy to use iPhone manager urgently to help us manage iPhone data.

Fortunately, Apple provides us with a new File App in the new updated iOS 11. In Files, you can access files on your device, in iCloud or saved in third-party services like Dropbox. When you open File App, you'll see a column on the left side of the main interface shows your file sources, favorite files, and tagged files. In the left side, you can see your files and folder in the selected location, which you can copy, rename, move, delete, share or tag.

manage iPhone with the new File App

With the File App, now you can easily manage all data and files on your own devices. But if you want to manage files between iOS devices and computer, or sync files between two different iOS devices, File will no longer be that useful. Therefore, you will need another free iPhone manager to help you solve the problem.

How to use this iPhone Manager to transfer data and files?

EaseUS MobiMover is the good alternative to File App to manage all your files on iOS devices. With this free iPhone manager, you can easily transfer files to the computer such as transfer iPhone music to computer, or if you want to add files to iPhone like transfer photos from laptop to iPhone X. Here below we'll introduce you how to use the free iPhone manager to transfer files from iPhone to the computer.

Download and install EaseUS MobiMover on your computer by clicking the download button below, please make sure you have iTunes installed on the same computer before so that MobiMover will have the permission to access the data on your iPhone.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your computer running Windows or Mac OS systems with a USB cable. Start EaseUS MobiMover and navigate to "Phone to PC". Move your mouse to the right pane and continue with "Next".

how to transfer data from iPhone to the computer - step 1

Step 2. MobiMover will load all the supported files on your iPhone here. You can export one or multiple data types flexibly. The compatible data types are photos, videos, movies, music, playlist, ringtones, books, contacts, messages, notes, voice memos, and more. you can customize the destination for exported iPhone data. If you don't do any change, MobiMover will save the data to a desktop folder named as Exported by MobiMover. Click "Transfer" to copy iPhone files to the computer at a fast speed

how to transfer data from iPhone to the computer - step 2

Step 3. When the transferring finished, you can view, edit, keep or delete the content as you like.

how to transfer data from iPhone to the computer - step 3

As mentioned above, this free iPhone manager can also help you transfer files between two iOS devices like transfer notes from iPad to iPhone X. With the help of MobiMover, managing data and files on iPhone will be much more convenient than before.