How to Import Photos from PC to iPhone with or without iTunes

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Myra Updated on Jul 06, 2018 to iPhone Data Transfer | How-to Articles

To iPhone users, adding files to iPhone is not so easy as transferring data to an Android phone, as you can't do it through the USB cable connection. Then, how to transfer photos from PC to iPhone has become one of the burning questions. This post covers two ways to help you move pictures from PC to iPhone by using the best iTunes alternative - EaseUS MobiMover Free iOS data transfer tool (the first choice) and iTunes itself.

Why isn't iTunes recommended compared with EaseUS MobiMover?

  • iTunes is somewhat complicated for a newbie, while MobiMover is known for its easy-to-use feature.
  • iTunes syncing will wipe all the previous images, music, movies, TV shows, tones, or iBooks on your iPhone, while MobiMover won't cause any data loss.
  • iTunes won't let you choose specific photos to be synced to iPhone, while MobiMover enables you to put multiple or all photos on iPhone flexibly. 
  • iTunes transferring always takes too long, while MobiMover can transfer files at lightning speed

Having a clear understanding of iTunes syncing and decide to use MobiMover Free to transfer photos from PC to iPhone? Follow tips below to see how it works. 

MobiMover - A safer and simpler way to sync photos to iPhone

As to the best iTunes alternative on the market, you can't miss EaseUS MobiMover Free - the top easy and free iPhone transfer software enables users to transfer photos from PC to iPhone, from iPhone to iPhone or from iPhone to PC in one-click. For transferring photos from PC to iPhone, two steps are enough: connecting iPhone to PC; then choose the images you want to import to iPhone and begin to transfer. Now, let's see how to import photos from PC to iPhone with MobiMover.

Directly download and install EaseUS MobiMover on your computer and then follow the guide below to learn how to get things done. For transferring photos from iPhone to PC in the vice versa with EaseUS MobiMover, follow the link to reach the guide page. 

 Download It for PC
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 Download It for Mac
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Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your PC running Windows 7 or later. Launch EaseUS MobiMover and select "PC to Phone" on the main interface. Then, choose "Select Files" to continue. 

How to transfer photos from PC to iPhone - Step 1

Step 2. With MobiMover, you can choose to transfer photos from PC to your iPhone as well as many other data types. Then, click the "Open" button to load the files. 

How to transfer photos from PC to iPhone - Step 2

Step 3. MobiMover will show the files you've selected on the screen. If you've missed an item, you can click "Add Contents" to import more files. Next, click the "Transfer" button to start the transfer process. 

How to transfer photos from PC to iPhone - Step 3

Tips: If your iPhone is empty or you don't mind the data overwriting, you can still use iTunes to import photos from PC to iPhone. Read on and check the guides below.

iTunes - A relatively high-risk way to transfer pictures with data loss

If you haven't installed iTunes on your PC, you can go to to download the latest version of iTunes. While if you have installed iTunes on your PC, you can go to Help > Check for Updates to update your iTunes to the latest version. Then follow the steps below to begin to import photos from PC to iPhone. (Installing the newest version of iTunes is one of the ways to avoid the problem of iPhone not showing up in iTunes.)

If you use iTunes to transfer photos from PC or Mac computer to iPhone with some content on, you will lose all the media files, like Photos, TV Shows, Music, Ringtones, iBooks, etc. Do remember this! If you don't want to lose any existing data on your iPhone, please move to the part above and use MobiMover to make it with ease.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your Windows PC with a USB cable and wait for iTunes to open automatically. (If it doesn't open, run it manually.)

Step 2: Tap on the Device button under the menu bar. (If you have more than one iDevice connected to your PC, choose the one you want to transfer photos to after you click the Device button.)

Step 3: Choose "Photos" under "Settings".

Step 4: Select "Sync Photos" and choose the folder from which you'd like to transfer photos from the drop-down menu of "Copy Photos from:".

Step 5: Choose to transfer "All folders" or "Selected folders" to your iPhone. (If you choose the latter, you will have to select the folders then.)

Step 6: After the selection, click "Apply" to begin to transfer the photos to your iPhone.

How to import photos from iTunes to iPhone

In conclusion: as you can see, iTunes importing has higher risk and is more complicated. If you need a 100% free and secure way to transfer files from PC to iPhone, you must choose EaseUS MobiMove Free. With this program, you can also back up your iPhone to the PC/Mac in a schedule with an easier way than ever and sync data from old iPhone to the new iPhone directly.