How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPhone without iTunes

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Markus Updated on Jun 11, 2018 to iPhone Data Transfer | How-to Articles

You've probably used many versions of iPhone such as iPhone 5S/iPhone 6/iPhone 7/iPhone 8 etc. When you change your iPhone, you will definitely copy it to a computer or other storage device. Usually, when we bought a new iPhone, we will copy our important photos to our new iPhone. If you just got your iPhone X and thinking about how to transfer photos from computer to iPhone, you've come to the right place. 

iTunes Alternative transfer photos from computer to iPhone with Mobimover

We all know that iTunes can be used to sync data between the computer and iPhone, but the premise is that we have to download and install it on our computer. But it's time-consuming to download and install iTunes. The reason you are here is that you also want to find a simpler way. So let me introduce the super simple and easy to use iPhone Data Transfer EaseUS MobiMover Free to you. MobiMover works as a free photo transfer, which can help you quickly upload photos from your computer iPhone without iTunes. You can also transfer photos from iPhone to Windows PC or any other iDevices. Now read the following passage to get more information.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone (iPhone X and iPhone 8 included) to your computer with a USB cable and tap Trust on your device to continue. Start EaseUS MobiMover and enter the 1-Click-Transfer screen. 

launch mobimover

Step 2: Click your iPhone device and choose to transfer files from computer to iPhone like the image shows below. And, you can click the More button to choose data by file or by folder

transfer files from computer to iPhone

Step 3: Go to your computer and select the folder or files you want to transfer to your iPhone. Then, click Next to go to the loading page. 

go to your computer to find files to transfer to iPhone

Step 4: You can see various data categories are loaded here coming from your selected files. You can decide to transfer one or more data types at a time. If you have missed some contents in above step, you can click the Add button to load more directly. 

loading files to MobiMover

Step 5: Click Transfer to transfer files from computer to iPhone without iTunes for free. When the transferring accomplished, go to Photos App on your iPhone to check imported images, Videos App for movies and TV shows, iBooks for PDF, Music for songs. 

transfer files from computer to iPhone without iTunes