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How to Save WhatsApp Chats on iPhone & Android

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If you don't want to lose your WhatsApp chat history and media, you should save WhatsApp chats on your device to avoid possible data loss that may be caused by unexpected issues. No matter what mobile device you are using, be it iPhone or Android phone, you will know how to save WhatsApp chats on your device with safe and easy tips.

Part 1. How to Save WhatsApp Chats on iPhone

To save WhatsApp chats on an iPhone, there are three ways available: You can back up WhatsApp conversations on iPhone using iCloud, transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to PC, or export WhatsApp chats via mail.

Method 1. Save WhatsApp Chats on iPhone using iCloud

The default way to back up WhatsApp on an iPhone is to save WhatsApp chat history and media files to iCloud. You can either enable automatic backup or perform manual backup whenever you want to.

Make sure you have turned on iCloud Drive on your iOS device and there is enough iCloud storage to save the WhatsApp backup. Afterward, follow the steps below to save your WhatsApp messages to the cloud storage.

To save WhatsApp chats to iCloud:

Step 1. Open WhatsApp on your device.

Step 2. Go to "Settings" > "Chats" > "Chat Backup".

Step 3. If you prefer automatic backup, tap "Auto Backup" and specify a backup frequency. While if you attempt to make a manual backup, click "Back Up Now" instead.

How to save WhatsApp chats to iCloud

After the backup is made, you can restore WhatsApp from the backup to access the chat history and media files.

Method 2. Save WhatsApp Chats to PC

There is no official way for you to save WhatsApp texts and attachments to a computer. Thus, if you are looking to save WhatsApp chats on PC, you will need the help of third-party software, like EaseUS MobiMover.

EaseUS MobiMover is a free iPhone data transfer tool as well as a WhatsApp transfer, backup & restore tool that will help you to:

To save WhatsApp chats from your iPhone to computer:

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable, launch EaseUS MobiMover, and choose "Social App Manager" > "WhatsApp" > "Backup".

Choose WhatsApp backup

Step 2. Select the location you want to back up WhatsApp data to and click "Back up" to start backing up your WhatsApp messages and attachments to PC.

Back Up whatsApp to PC - select backup location

Step 3. Wait for the backup process to complete. The messages will be saved as an HTML file on your Mac. Thus, you can view the details with a browser whenever you want.

Back up WhatsApp to PC - backup process

Step 4. When it has done, you can go to "WhatsApp" > "Backup History" to check the WhatsApp messages and attachments in the backup.

Back up WhatsApp to PC - backup complete

Method 3. Export WhatsApp Chats via Mail

You can export a WhatsApp conversation to any device that can receive an email. Whether you want to save your WhatsApp to a PC or to another mobile device, you can use this tip to get it done.

Step 1. Go to WhatsApp and find the conversation you want to save.

Step 2. Swipe right to left across the conversation and choose "More".

Step 3. Tap "Export Chat" and choose to send the chat with or without media.

Step 4. Choose "Mail" to send the email to your own account.

Step 5. Check the email on the device that you want to save your WhatsApp messages to and download the chat to your device.

How to export WhatsApp chats via email

Part 2. How to Export WhatsApp Chats on Android

Similarly, there are also three ways to export WhatsApp chat history on an Android phone.

Method 1. Back Up WhatsApp from Android to Google Drive

On an iOS device, iCloud is set as the default way to make a WhatsApp backup. When it comes to an Android device, Google Drive is the recommended cloud storage service. What's more, you can also enable an automatic backup or perform a manual backup like on an iPhone.

To save WhatsApp messages to Google Drive automatically:

Step 1. Open WhatsApp and tap "More".

Step 2. Go to "Settings" > "Chats" > "Chat Backup" > "Back up to Google Drive".

Step 3. Choose a backup frequency and select the Google account you want to save your WhatsApp data to.

Step 4. Tap "Back up over" to specify the network you want to use for WhatsApp backup.

To manually back up WhatsApp to Google Drive:

Step 1. Open WhatsApp.

Step 2. Click "More" > "Settings" > "Chats" > "Chat backup" > "BACK UP".

How to save WhatsApp chats to Google Drive

Method 2. Transfer WhatsApp Chats from Android with Third-Party Software

There are third-party tools that allow you to transfer WhatsApp chat history between iPhone & Android or between an iPhone/Android phone and a computer. Whether you want to export WhatsApp chat to another mobile device or a computer, a third-party tool will fulfill your needs perfectly.

Method 3. Export WhatsApp Chat History via Email

In the WhatsApp app, there is a feature for you to export your WhatsApp chat history. However, unlike using Google Drive which backs up all your chat history at once, you can only export the chat history from an individual or group chat at one time. That means if you want to save multiple messages or conversations, you will need to export chat repeatedly.

Step 1. Go to WhatsApp and click the individual or group chat you'd like to save.

Step 2. Tap the three dots on the screen and click "More" > "Export chat".

Step 3. Choose whether to export with or without media.

Step 4. Send the email to your own account and check it on the device you want to save WhatsApp chats to. (The chat history will be added to the email as a .txt document and the media files will be added as attachments.)

How to export WhatsApp chats via email on Android

Bonus Tip: How Can I Save My WhatsApp Conversations on PC

The ways offered by WhatsApp to back up data will save your WhatsApp to cloud storage. If you want to save your WhatsApp messages on PC, you will need the help of third-party WhatsApp transfer, backup & restore software. Instead of saving your WhatsApp data to cloud storage, such a tool always enables you to transfer WhatsApp messages and attachments to computer, be it a Mac or PC.

The Bottom Line

This is the complete guide on how to save WhatsApp chats. If you export your WhatsApp chats using iCloud, Google Drive, or a third-party tool, you can easily restore your WhatsApp chats using the backup you made.

It's a good habit to save, export, or back up your WhatsApp data elsewhere to avoid complete data loss caused by unexpected issues. Follow one of the tips above to back up your precious data regularly to minimize the chance of data loss.

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