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How to Restore Deleted Contacts on iPhone


Updated on Jan 11, 2021 to iPhone Data Transfer | How-to Articles

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Want to get your deleted contacts back on iPhone? If you have a backup of your iPhone contacts before, you can solve the problem easily. You can use iTunes to restore deleted iPhone contacts if you have backed up your iPhone with it before. Or you can use iCloud to recover your iPhone contacts if you have kept your iPhone contact synced to iCloud. Besides, you can access your iCloud contacts in when you have your iPhone contacts backed up in iCloud. Even if you don't have any backup available, you can still recover your deleted contacts on iPhone with the help of third-party software. Read on to know the details.

Workable Solutions Step-by-step Troubleshooting
Part 1. Use Data Recovery Software Connect the iPhone to the computer and launch...Full steps
Part 2. Use iCloud Go to the Settings app and tap on [your name]...Full steps
Part 3. Use Go to and sign in...Full steps
Part 4. Use iTunes Download and install the latest version of iTunes...Full steps
Part 5. Back Up iPhone Contacts Connect the iPhone to the computer...Full steps

Part 1. How to Recover deleted contacts on iPhone via recovery software

With the easy iPhone data recovery software - EaseUS MobiSaver, you can restore the contacts deleted from your iPhone either with or without backup. In addition to contacts, this software also supports the recovery of iPhone photos, videos, reminders, messages, call history, notes, and more.

Download EaseUS MobiSaver (100% secure) for Windows or for Mac according to your needs, and then restore the deleted contacts on your iPhone with a few simple clicks:

Step 1. Connect iPhone to your PC. Then launch EaseUS MobiSaver. 

Choose "Recover from iOS Device", "Recover from iTunes Backup" or "Recover from iCloud Backup" and click "Start". 

Recover deleted contacts on iPhone - Step 1

Step 2. Scan the device.

EaseUS Mobisaver will automatically scan iOS device, iTunes or iCloud and find the deleted contacts for you.

Recover deleted contacts on iPhone - Step 2

Step 3. Preview and restore deleted contacts on your iPhone. 

Choose the content you want to recover and click "Recover" to save the items to your computer.

Recover deleted contacts on iPhone - Step 3

Part 2. How to restore deleted contacts on iPhone via iCloud

Having synced your iPhone contacts to iCloud makes the way to get back your iPhone contacts easy. If you are sure that you have backed them up. Then you just need to:

Step 1. Open the "Settings" App on your iPhone.

Step 2. Tap on your name and choose "iCloud". (On iOS 10.2 and earlier, select "iCloud" directly.)

Step 3. If the "Contacts" option is on. Turn it off and choose "Keep on My iPhone".

Step 4. Then switch "Contacts" on again and choose "Merge". You will restore the deleted contacts on your iPhone after the merging process.

How to recover deleted contacts on iPhone with iCloud

Part 3. How to recover deleted contacts on iPhone via

Once you have backed up your iPhone contacts to iCloud, the other way to get back deleted contacts on your iPhone is via All you need to do is to download your iCloud contacts to PC and sent them to your iPhone.

Part 4: How to get contacts back to iPhone via iTunes

Have backed up your iPhone using iTunes before? If so, you can get back your iPhone contacts by restoring your iPhone with iTunes. Follow the steps shown below to learn how to make it.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes.

Step 2. Click on the "Device" tab and choose your iPhone.

Step 3. Click "Summary" and choose "Restore iPhone ...".

Step 4. Choose a backup to restore your iPhone from. Then all the content on your iPhone will be replaced by the backup. If this is not what you want, try to restore your iPhone contacts using the two methods introduced above.

How to get contacts back to iPhone via iTunes

Part 5. How to back up iPhone contacts to computer to avoid data loss

There are many unexpected causes that can lead to the "contacts disappeared on iPhone" problem. What you can do to avoid losing the contacts completely is to back up your iPhone contacts to a safe place, for example, your computer. Then when the iPhone contacts disappear due to unknown reasons, you can get them back because you have a backup elsewhere. To make it possible, the tool you will need is EaseUS MobiMover, an iPhone data transfer tool designed to share files between iPhone/iPad and computer (Mac or PC) or between two iOS devices. The supported files include photos, videos, music, contacts, calendars, notes and more, depending on which feature you'd like to use. The steps below will show you how to transfer iPhone contacts to PC. Follow the steps to learn how to use MobiMover quickly.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone your PC with a USB cable, launch EaseUS MobiMover, then unlock your iDevice and click "Trust" in the prompt. To back up your iPhone, choose "Phone to PC" > "Next".

connect device and launch EaseUS MobiMover

Step 2. Select "Contacts" and click the default path to set a custom storage path if you need to. Afterward, click "Transfer".

select files and set custom path

Step 3. When the transfer process has finished, you can go to view the contacts on your computer. You can view the contacts you back up on your computer freely and transfer them back to your iDevice whenever you need to.

start transferring contacts from iPhone/iPad to computer

With MobiMover, you can manage your iPhone/iPad content better. For example, you can transfer photos from computer to your iPhone, put music to iPhone without iTunes and delete music albums from iPhone using this tool. Have a try and make it your useful iPhone manager.

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