How to Print from iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

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Myra Updated on Apr 04, 2018 to iPhone Data Transfer | How-to Articles

Want to print some files from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? Luckily, you can make it directly on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch via AirPrint, which is a built-in function in iOS 4.2 and later and enables you to print from your iOS devices over a wireless network. Read on to know the detailed step about how to print from your iDevice.


Before you begin, you need to make sure:

1. Your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and your printer are under the same Wi-Fi network connection.

2. Your printer supports AirPrint, like most HP printers released in 2010 and later are AirPrint-enabled.

3. The App on your iPhone you want to print from support AirPrint.

How to print from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

1. Go to the App you want to print from on your iOS device and find the item you want to print.

2. Tap on the Share button. The Share icon varies in different Apps.

3. Tap on the Print icon.

4. In Printer Options, select a printer that supports AirPrint and set the number of the copy.

5. Click "Print" to print from your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

While printing, you can double-click the Home button and choose "Print Center" to check the printing or tap on "Cancel Printing" in "Print Center" to cancel the printing.

How to print from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch