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How to Extract Photo from iPhone with MobiMover Free

Updated on Apr 04, 2018 by Ada to iPhone Data Transfer

Extracting photo from iPhone to PC or other devices can be easily achieved with MobiMover, a free and comprehensive tool for iPhone data transfer and management. This post will show how to extract photos from iPhone in only clicks.

iPhone Photo Stream can keep up to 1000 pics taken over the last 30 days. Once the number of the photo is over 1,000, the old pics are possible to be deleted by the system to spare space for new pics. So, for iPhone photo-taking lovers, it's necessary to extract the photos, which is true of photos in other folders of iPhone like Camera Roll and Photo Library. EaseUS MobiMover Free is a software for iPhone data transfer and a free tool to be applied as its name signs. It also provides all-rounded solutions for iPhone data management in bulk, saving the trouble to use several tools for such purpose. Being simple in operation makes MobiMover a perfect alternative to iTunes. 

Besides with iPhone photos transfer, other iPhone data including contacts, notes, messages etc. are all supportable, the latest version of MobiMover is even able to import videos that iPhone can't play after transcoding, making it playable on iPhone.  And MobiMover can help to transfer app on iPhone 8. All these characters show that EaseUS MobiMover free is a good choice for iPhone data transfer. The next part presents the detail process of how to extract photo from iPhone quickly. 

First, get EaseUS MobiMover Free downloaded to your Windows PC where iTunes for Windows is also available, but it plays only as a bridge to MobiMover and your iPhone as iOS system is unfriendly to non-Apple software; the downloading process will approximately take two to three minutes as the installation file is very small;

Then, open the software and connect your iPhone to it with a USB cable; right after the connection, tap Trust This Computer on your iPhone in a popup;

Extract iPhone Photos

Thirdly, click Custom to access all of your iPhone photos, as well as your other iPhone data; You can view your photos by clicking Photos at the left bar of the interface; 

photo list

After choosing the exact photo folder, your photos will be listed in the right section of the window;

The fourth step would be checking the photos that you want to extract by moving the mouse to them and clicking, then tap the small symbol of computer or phone above the photos section to get the transfer to other devices started; 

choose photo to extract

Tightly following the previous step, you will be led to a new window informing you to choose the folder to store the photos; this makes it easier to locate the photos after the extraction; And if no choice made at this stage, the photos will be put under one file in your Document under the C drive; 

choose folder to store the photo

The transferring will start after choosing the file folder and the rest is to wait for its completion.