How to Export Pictures from iPhone Free

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Ada Posted on Nov 10, 2017 to iPhone Data Transfer | How-to Articles

iPhone keeps up to 1000 pics taken in the last 30 days in the photo stream, so if you are an iPhone photography lover, you need to pay attention to this as there is the risk to lose some pics once the number of photos is over 1000. Also, if your iPhone carries a small storage, you might need to clean and transfer your photos quite frequently to spare more space for other functions of iPhone and ensure the smooth running of your phone. However, iTunes that with the ability to transfer your pics to other devices from your iPhone can't provide a viewable transfer result. MobiMover, a free iPhone data transfer makes all things easy in this aspect. 

Why is EaseUS MobiMover Free suggested as a better choice than iTunes? 

Besides with MobiMover Free providing a viewable route to export pictures from iPhone, it also supports bulk deletion for the unwanted pics on PC and enables a short wait for the saving process rather than taking a long time as iTunes does. What's more, it's applicable to almost all types of iPhone data transfer and for videos in unsupported formats of iPhone can be transcoded at the same time of importing and be playable on iPhone. 

How to export iPhone pics with EaseUS MobiMover? 

Step 1. Get MobiMover launched to your Windows PC and login iTunes for Windows with your Apple ID; 

launch MobiMover

Step 2. Enter Custom and all of your iPhone data will be displayed in category, including all your photos in Camera Roll, Photo Stream, and Photo Library, at this step, uncheck the items that you don't want to export; 

all photos in your iPhone

Step 3. Press the small button representing phone or computer, which depends on which device you want to export the photos too; in the same window, you need to make choice about where to store them to be exported iPhone pics and click Select Folder, then the transfer will start automatically;

select folder to store pics

Finally, you can check your exported photos in the appointed folder. The whole process generally will end in minutes unless your photos number is too large. By the way, there is no limit of the data amount can be transferred via MobiMover Free. 

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