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How to Download Photos from iPhone Quickly

Updated on Apr 04, 2018 by Ada to iPhone Data Transfer

Download photos from iPhone can be done within minutes with EaseUS MobiMover, a totally free software for iPhone data transfer.

Downloading photos from iPhone is quite often needed to back up the well-taken pics and it's especially for iPhone photography lovers as the storage space of iPhone is limited and it's said iCloud provides only 5GB space. So a local backup of the files or other cloud platform backup will be a better choice if no extra expense want to be costed. EaseUS MobiMover plays as a bridge to connect iPhone and PC just like USB between Android phones and computer. Then the iPhone photos can go everywhere they can. 

As the first free iPhone data transfer software, MobiMover places no limits on the amount of data that can be exported from iPhone or import to iPhone, available for almost all types of iPhone data like contacts, photos, messages, notes, ringtones etc. Besides, MobiMover enables simple edits on some types of data including contacts, messages, notes and so on, providing comprehensive solutions to iPhone data management. 

What makes EaseUS MobiMover a better choice than iTunes in front of downloading photos from iPhone? 

Mian in two aspects. First, the downloading result with MobiMover can be viewed directly, however, the situation is quite complicated to iTunes as the files can be only opened in iOS devices, which is a result of the protection rule of the system. Then, MobiMover makes the exporting process simple and it can be achieved only with several clicks. 

How to use MobiMover to download photos from iPhone? 

Step 1. Get the software downloaded on your Windows PC via the above link and install it. You also need to log into your iTunes account on the PC. 

main interface

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to your PC with a USB cable. A success connection will show some detail of your iPhone like that of Myra's in the pic above. 

Step 3. Go into the software via Custom which provides more choices than only transfer as you can also delete the specific photos. Then you will find all your iPhone data types are listed in the left section of the software. Just choose Photos to have all your photos displayed. 

Transfer photos 

Step 3. Check the photos you want to export and press the Transfer to Computer button above all the photos, after which you will be led to a new window where you are asked to choose the file folder that the photos are supposed to be stored. 

Download iPhone photos 

You can also create a new folder. Once you make the choice and click Select Folder, the export will start. Finally, you can View the photos on your PC. 

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