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How to Access and Manage iCloud Calendar on PC

Myra updated on Mar 11, 2020 to iPhone Data Transfer | How-to Articles

iCloud enables you to share calendar among your Apple products or with your family and friends. To keep your calendar up to date with iCloud, you might need to access, view and manage your iCloud calendar. This article will show you 2 methods to make it. While you need to know that turning on iCloud calendar is not the only way that makes accessing iPhone calendar on PC possible. You can choose to use MobiMover to transfer your iPhone calendar to PC easily and then view or manage the calendars from your computer, which is really convenient. Read on and choose the method that you prefer to apply to your devices.

Workable Solutions Step-by-step Troubleshooting
Part 1. Access iCloud Calendars on PC Go to iCloud.com > Enter your Apple ID and password > Click "Calendar" among the options...Full steps
Part 2. Access Other Files on PC Connect the iOS device to the computer and open the software for iOS data transfer...Full steps

Part 1: How to access iCloud calendars on PC

If you have turned on iCloud Calendars on your iPhone, you can access them from your PC as long as you have the internet connection and browser available.

Tip 1: How to access iCloud calendars via iCloud.com

1. Visit iCloud.com on your computer.

2. Enter your Apple ID and Password to sign in iCloud.

3. Choose "Calendar" among the options to view and manage your iCloud calendar on PC.

How to access iCloud calendar via iCloud.com


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Tip 2: How to access iCloud calendars via Outlook

If you want to sync your iCloud calendar to Outlook, you have to turn on iCloud Outlook Add-in.

1. Launch Outlook on your PC.

2. Choose "File" in the menu bar and select "Options".

3. In the Outlook Options window, tap on "Add-ins".

4. Choose "iCloud Outlook Add-in".


1. Download and install iCloud Control Panel on your computer.

2. Keep the option "Mail, Contacts, Calendars & Tasks" selected and choose "Apply".

3. In the Outlook Setup for iCloud window, choose one option according to your needs. Then the calendar will be synced to Outlook.

4. Open Outlook and you can manage your iCloud calendar.

How to sync iCloud calendar with Outlook

Part 2: How to access iPhone data on PC without iCloud

As you know, iCloud is free with the first 5GB storage. If you have extra large files to back up to in iCloud, it can cost your lots of money and time. Is there any way to access iPhone data on PC without using iCloud? The answer "Yes" if you use EaseUS MobiMover to back up your iPhone files to PC. To be detailed, you can transfer the contacts, notes, photos, videos, music and more to your PC and view the items from the computer with MobiMover. As an iPhone data transfer tool, copying files from iPhone/iPad to PC is just one of its features. Other features include sharing files between iDevices (iPhone/iPad) or import data from computer to iDevice like transferring music from computer to iPad. The steps below will show you how to sync iPhone data to PC and view them from your computer.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your PC running Windows 7/8/10 with a USB cable. Tap "Trust" on your iPhone screen if asked. Run EaseUS MobiMover and navigate to "Phone to PC". To back up iPhone photos, contacts, and other types of files, click "Next" to begin.

how to back up iPhone to PC - step 1

Step 2. You can back up iPhone photos, videos, movies, music, playlist, ringtones, books, contacts, messages, notes, voice memos, and more as the image shows below. You can transfer these items all at one time or respectively export a specified data type. MobiMover also supports you to customize the storage path for iPhone backup. Choose desired files and click "Transfer" to back up iPhone files to your PC right now

how to back up iPhone to PC - step 2

Step 3. Wait patiently until the transfer process ends. MobiMover will copy the iPhone files in a readable and accessible way so you can view, edit, or delete the data based on your own need.

how to back up iPhone to PC - step 3

If you have tried this tip and installed MobiMover on your PC, you can do things like transferring photos from iPhone to iPhone and transferring contacts from iPhone to iPhone the next time you buy a new iPhone with it.