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Get Photos from iPhone to iPad with Ease

Posted on Dec 19, 2017 by Lionel to iPhone Data Transfer

Do you want to get photos from iPhone to iPad which has a bigger screen? Take it easy, we'll show you an easy way to do that by using a free iPhone data transfer software.

Last month, I've taken a lot of photos during my journey to Paris via my iPhone 6, but when I viewed it on iPhone, the photos were too small, I looked it a little difficult because the iPhone's screen looked too much small for me, fortunately, I had an iPad which has a bigger screen and it would have a better view, so I just want to transfer photos from my iPhone to iPad, but how to do that? I've no idea, if anyone knows the solution, please help me.

Actually, both iPhone and iPad has so many enjoyable functions as a great media player, we can not only listen to music, but also take some photos with a great quality because of the powerful camera. Therefore, if you are a big photographer, and suppose that you've taken hundreds of pictures on your daily life via your iPhone, because using iPhone is a little more convenient or easier compared with iPad, however, through iPhone has such an advantage, if you want to view more clearly all the photos taken, you may have a choice on using iPad, so in order to do that, you need to get photos from iPhone to iPad firstly, do you know how to send pictures from iPhone to iPad, if you are still confused about the way to do that, we'll recommend you a free iPhone data transfer software called EaseUS MobiMover Free which enables you to transfer data between two iOS devices by one-click. With more than ten kinds of files supported, allowing for moving contacts, messages, notes, calendars, voice mails, books, photos, audio, and videos from computer to the iOS device or from iOS device to computer on the opposite but not limited to transfer between two iOS devices. What's more, MobiMover can also serve as a free iPhone content manager with its file management features.

How to get photos from iPhone to iPad with MobiMover Free

Step 1: Download and install MobiMover on your PC running Windows 10/8.1/8/7. For your devices to be identified, it's necessary for you to install iTunes on your PC, too. 

Step 2: Connect your iOS devices to your PC and launch MobiMover. Remember to connect your iPhone to PC first to avoid switching devices later. When a prompt appears on your iPhone asking you whether to trust this computer or not, tap on "Trust" to continue.

get photos from iphone to ipad - step 2

Step 3: Go to Custom > Photos from the main interface, choose the photo category, Camera Roll, Photo Stream or Photo Library and select the photos you'd like to transfer. After that, click the Transfer to Other Device icon and select the target device.

get photos from iphone to ipad - step 3

Step 4: After selecting the target device, the photo transfer will begin automatically. The time the process will take depends on the size of the files being transferred. Generally, it's quite fast if you don't have extra large files to transfer.

get photos from iphone to ipad - step 4

Step 5: When it's finished, you can go to the corresponding App on your target device to check whether the items are successfully imported.

get photos from iphone to ipad - step 5