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[Free Guide] How to Get Photos from iPhone to Computer

Updated on Apr 04, 2018 by Ada to iPhone Data Transfer

How to get photos from iPhone to computer? This post will introduce EaseUS MobiMover, a free iPhone transfer software, for such transfer.

iPhone Photo Stream only keeps at most 3000 pics that you took over the past 30 days, if you are an iPhone photo taking fans, 3000 won't be a very large number and you may quickly use up of the space in this folder. And there is risk that some of your photos might disappear. Also, too many photos in your iPhone will lag your phone's performance. So, regular photo backup to other places like computer is necessary. But how to get the transfer from iPhone to computer done quickly? You may think of iTunes as the first choice, but from the complaints of many iPhone users, you'd better find a new method. EaseUS MobiMover would be a good choice. 

MobiMover is a totally free iPhone data transfer. It supports all types of iPhone data and can transfer them to iPhone from computer or to computer from iPhone flexibly. You can get your iPhone photos to computer only in clicks and the time to be spent will depend on the exact number and size of them to be transferred photos. The part below is how to transfer iPhone photos to your PC. 

Get photos from iPhone to computer with EaseUS MobiMover. 

Download EaseUS MobiMover Free to your Window PC and install it. Also, you need to log into the latest version of iTunes with the same Apple ID your iPhone is using on the PC to allow MobiMover reading your iPhone data, including photos. 

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer and click Trust on your iPhone in a Pop-up asking do you trust your computer. 

Step 2. Click Custom on MobiMover, you can also click Transfer to Computer, with the former choice, you can check the photo content in a mini-view mode that the latter choice can't provide such preview. 

main interface of MobiMover

Step 3. Then, all of your iPhone data will be listed in the category in the left section of the interface. You just need to press the folder where the photos that you want to move are.

Step 3. All of your photos are presented in the right section at this step. Check the photos you want to back up and click the symbol for transfer to computer. 

photo library

Step 4. Select a folder or create a new folder to keep the photos o your computer. 

create a folder

Step 5. The backup will start after the folder is picked.

transfer starts

Finally, you can check the photos by tap View. 

View Photo