Free Way to Copy Pictures from iPhone to iPhone

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Lionel Updated on Jun 15, 2018 to iPhone Data Transfer | How-to Articles

Yesterday I bought a new iPhone, but there are so many pictures on my old iPhone, so I really need to transfer them to the new one, can anybody help me?

Recently, I've taken a lot of photos with my iPhone during my holiday, and my parents want to view and store all the photos, so to make things faster, I want to send these photos from my iPhone to their iPhone directly, but after the search on the internet, I still have no idea about how to do, any suggestion can be appreciate. Thanks.

Suppose if you've changed a new iPhone X because of its powerful features, you may demand to transfer all of the data on your old iPhone to the iPhone X, especially the pictures taken for the memories of your life. Meanwhile, if you've completed a marketing research on taking so many photos, after returning your office, you may need to send the photos from your iPhone to one of your teammates, but do you know how to copy pictures from iPhone to iPhone with ease? If you are still confused about seeking a free software to resolve your problem, don't worry, we'll recommend you a free iPhone data transfer software called EaseUS MobiMover Free to meet your demand. It provides comprehensive solutions for iPhone data management, including iPhone data editing & deleting and iPhone data transfer (exporting and importing) in a simple and efficient way. For example, you can download music from iPhone to Laptop with this tool. Follow the steps below to have a try.

How to copy pictures from iPhone to iPhone with MobiMover Free

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Step 1: Connect your old iPhone and the new iPhone to your computer with USB cables. Once connected, tap on Trust on your devices to continue. Run EaseUS MobiMover Free for Windows. To sync data between two iOS devices, MobiMover Free for Mac is also available to you. 

MobiMover main screen

Step 2: Set the first device as your old iPhone and the target device as your new iPhone. Then, click Next to move to the following screen.

Main screen of data transfer between two iOS devices

Step 3: Uncheck Select all and keep Photo only. If you want to move some specific pictures to your new iPhone, you can click the device name next to 1-Click-Transfer and go to Picture > Photo

choose photos to be transferred

Step 4: Now, click Transfer to begin to transfer photos from old iPhone to new iPhone directly without iTunes backup and syncing. Please don't disconnect the devices while transferring. When it's done, go to open the Photos App on your new iPhone to check the imported files. 

begin to transfer photos from new iPhone to new iPhone