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iPhone File Manager for Windows - EaseUS MobiMover

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Why Do You Need an iPhone File Manager

If you have used your iPhone for a long time, you will find your iPhone is loaded with files like photos, videos, contacts, music, books, and more. If you want to keep your iPhone files well organized, it's necessary for you to get an iPhone file manager. With such a helper, you can access and manage your iPhone content from a computer and transfer, edit, or delete items on your iPhone according to your needs.

Versatile iPhone File Manager - EaseUS MobiMover

Supports: Photos, videos, music, ringtones, contacts, messages, books, PDF files, and more

To transfer data from or to your iPhone freely, you can use the iPhone transfer software - EaseUS MobiMover. It is a versatile tool that combines data transfer, file management, device backup, and video download features all in one tool. After you install it on your PC or Mac, you will be able to:

Access and Manage iPhone Content

This iPhone file manager enables you to access and view your iPhone content from a computer. Afterward, you can choose to add new items to your device or remove unwanted files from the iOS device. For files like contacts, you can even edit the details from the computer.

Transfer iPhone Files

Whether you want to transfer photos, videos, music, ringtones, contacts to or from your iPhone, this iPhone manager can come to your assistance. It allows you to transfer files between an iPhone/iPad/iPod and a computer or between two iDevices. Thus, you can add music to your iPhone or transfer photos from one iPhone to another easily if you need to.

Back Up iPhone Data

The most effective way to avoid data loss is to back up data regularly. This iPhone manager for Windows & Mac will help you to back up your iPhone content selectively or all at once. Besides, given the popularity of WhatsApp, it also supports WhatsApp backup & restore.

Download Online Videos

Do you want to download YouTube videos for offline watching? In addition to YouTube, EaseUS MobiMover also supports websites like Facebook, Twitter, Dailymotion, Twitch... It will be quite simple for you to download YouTube videos to iPhone or save Facebook videos to computer.

Isn't it an amazing iPhone file manager? Don't hesitate to give it a try.

How to Use the iPhone File Manager

Due to its user-friendly interface and design, there is no difficulty using this tool. Let me take transferring files from iPhone to computer as an example.

To transfer files from iPhone to computer:

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to PC running Windows 10 with a USB cable. Once connected, tap on "Trust" on your iPhone screen if pops up. Open EaseUS MobiMover and navigate to the "Phone to PC" mode. Move your mouse to the right pane and click "Next" to continue.

how to transfer data from iPhone to Windows 10 PC - step 1

Step 2. All the apps available to your iPhone is loaded here. You can choose all or a certain type to proceed. Before that, you can also customize a storage path to keep the transferred content. Otherwise, it will keep on your Windows 10 desktop. Once made the decision, click "Transfer" to transfer files from iPhone to PC Windows 10

how to transfer data from iPhone to Windows 10 PC - step 2

Step 3: Wait until the process finished. Besides Windows 10, MobiMover also supports you to transfer data from an iOS device to Windows 7 and Windows 8 computer.

how to transfer data from iPhone to Windows 10 PC - step 3

The Bottom Line

Such an iPhone file manager for Windows, although being convenient, doesn't help you to manage your iPhone files like documents, TXT files, and PowerPoint files. If you need to manage your iPhone files in such categories, you can use iCloud Drive, the official file management service from Apple, instead.

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