[Free Method] How to Import Pictures from iPhone to PC

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Ada Posted on Dec 20, 2017 to iPhone Data Transfer | How-to Articles

Many iPhone users may get very confused when they need to import pictures from iPhone to PC as iTunes is not a very good choice in front of related needs. And iPhone doesn't allow a direct connection to Windows PC like that of Android phones and computers. A one-stop solution for iPhone photo exportation to other devices is expected. EaseUS MobiMover, an iTunes alternative, would be recommended as such a tool. And it should be one of the perfect choices for related situations. 

With MobiMover, you can import thousands of your photos to PC within only clicks, and the time will depend on the general size of all of the photos, the bigger the longer, but it will still be much more time-conservative than the iTunes or iCloud sync function will take. And being free means totally free with no limitation at all - neither times to be applied or size of the data will be transferred, which makes MobiMover a preferred tool for photo import from iPhone to PC. It can be also used as a regular iPhone photo backup tool if you are really an iPhone photography lover. 

By following the steps below, you can find how to use MobiMover and the process generally suits other types of iPhone data import to computer. So, just learn it for a better management of your iPhone data. 

1.Download MobiMover on your Windows PC where iTunes is ready and logged in to provide the software with the entrance to your iPhone and read your iPhone data. 

2.Connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable. Then you will find a pop-up on your iPhone to confirm the connection. Click Trust This Computer to continue. 

3.Choose Transfer to Computer on the main interface of MobiMover. 

main interface of MobiMover

4.You will find all of the iPhone data types listed in a new small window. Just check the photo folders that you want to move and uncheck others. 

check photo folders

5.On the same window, choose a folder or create a folder on your PC to place the photos. 

set a folder for the photos

6.Just wait for the transfer to be completed. With the similar method, you can export other iPhone data, for example, you can export iPhone calendar. And you can delete iPhone data before the transfer or independently. Just take how to delete duplicate songs on iPhone for reference.