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Fastest YouTube Downloader | Free Download for PC

Myra updated on Sep 18, 2020 to iPhone Data Transfer | How-to Articles

After reading this article, you will know the fastest YouTube downloader (Guarantee: 100% free, no ads, no plugin) that you can download and use for free on your PC and other fast YouTube downloader tools that are available for you.

It's undeniable that YouTube is the most popular video website in the world. Over 30 million users watch more than 5 billion videos per day. However, although it's convenient for you to watch videos on the website, you are not allowed to download YouTube videos directly unless you buy YouTube Premium subscription. That's why many of you are looking for a free & fast YouTube downloader.

Given that, here we will show you the fastest youtube downloader for PC and other fast YouTube downloaders available. If you are searching for 'fast YouTube downloader free download' and items alike, this article is exactly what you need.

Part 1.  Download the Fastest YouTube Downloader  (100% Free, No Ads, No Plugins)
Part 2. Other Fast YouTube Downloader Tools for PC

Part 1. (Free) Download the Fastest YouTube Downloader for PC

Whether you are using a Windows PC or Mac, you can download and install this fastest YouTube downloader - EaseUS MobiMover on your computer. With this fast YouTube downloader for PC (and Mac), you can use it to save videos from YouTube to your computer or mobile devices using the links at a fast speed. 

Fast YouTube Downloader Free Download

A Brief Introduction to the Fastest YouTube Downloader

  • System Requirements: Windows 10/8.1/8/7; Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and later
  • Supported Devices: Computer and iOS Devices
  • Price: Free (for video download)
  • Other Features: With MobiMover installed on your computer, you not only get the fastest YouTube video downloader but also equip your computer with an iOS data transfer tool and an iPhone/iPad content manager, which means you can also use this tool to transfer data from one iPhone to another, transfer files between an iOS device and a computer, and manage iDevice content from the computer by deleting/editing/adding items.

Fast YouTube Downloader - Free Download

Now, click the button below to get the fast YouTube downloader, which is 100% secure, for free.

With the fast YouTube downloader, now you can save videos from YouTube to your computer or mobile devices by following the three steps below.

How to Use the Fastest YouTube Video Downloader

The free YouTube downloader - EaseUS MobiMover will help you download YouTube videos to PC, Mac, and iPhone or iPad directly. If you attempt to download YouTube videos to an Android device, there are several other steps you need to follow, which are provided below.

To download YouTube videos to your computer, iPhone/iPad, or Android phones:

Step 1. Run EaseUS MobiMover, go to "Video Downloader", and choose the device you want to save the downloaded YouTube videos. If you want to download YouTube videos to your mobile device, connect it to your PC first.

YouTube video downloader free download - Step 1

Step 2. Copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to download, paste it into the bar in MobiMover, then tap the "Download" button. 

YouTube video downloader free download - Step 2

Step 3. After you click the "Download" button, MobiMover will quickly analyze the URL and download the YouTube video to your computer or iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. 

YouTube video downloader free download - Step 3

To download videos from YouTube to your Android device:

Step 1. Follow the steps above to download the YouTube video you like to your computer using EaseUS MobiMover.

Step 2. Connect your Android phone to the computer.

Step 3. When a prompt appears on your device, click "Transfer files" to continue.

Step 4. Go to find and copy your favorite videos you just downloaded on your computer.

Step 5. Go to "This PC" > [your device] > "Internal shared storage" > "DCIM" > "Camera" and paste the video in this folder.

Step 6. Now you can check and watch the video on the "Gallery" app on your Android phone.

If you want to download HD YouTube videos, remember to set the quality of the video to 720p, 1080p, or above by clicking "Settings" > "Quality" on YouTube, then copy the URL.

In addition to YouTube, MobiMover also supports video downloads from other sites, like Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Metacafe, Break, BBC News, Ted, Dailymotion, and more. In a word, you can download any video from any site using this tool. Without any cost, you can download the videos from various kinds of websites and watch them offline whenever you like.

Part 2. Other Fast YouTube Downloader Tools

Other than the free YouTube downloader from EaseUS, there are other video downloader tools you can apply to save videos from YouTube to your computer or mobile devices, be it software or online service.

Fast Video Downloader for Windows (Paid)

Fast Video Downloader for YouTube

The YouTube downloader - Fast Video Downloader allows you to download videos from YouTube and watch the videos offline. However, it's a paid software tool. The free trial just gives you an idea of what the software can do. If you want to use all of its features, you have to buy it. Besides, this tool only helps to save a YouTube video to your computer, which means if you attempt you download a video to your mobile devices, you need to further transfer videos from PC to iPhone.

iTube HD Video Downloader (Paid)

Fast YouTube downloader for PC

As the name suggests, iTube HD Video downloader also helps to download videos from websites like YouTube to your computer. The software provides you with two ways to save videos to your computer: click the "Download" button in the browser or paste the video link and click "Download" in the software. 

This fast YouTube video downloader allows you to download a video flexibly. For example, you are able to choose the resolution of the video before the download. You can also download the mp3 file or subtitles of the video if you need to. What's more, the program has a feature that allows you to convert the YouTube video to another format.

However, powerful as it is. You can only download two files for free using this tool. To enjoy its features unlimitedly, you need to buy the software first.

YouTube Video Downloader (Online & Free)

Online fast YouTube downloader

If you prefer a free and fast YouTube video downloader that you can download a video online, don't miss YouTube Video Downloader. This online tool enables you to download a video with/without the audio in different qualities and formats. The problem with the online video downloader is that, like many other free YouTube downloaders only, you will be redirected to another page when you click the "Download" button for the first time. If you don't mind the drawback, this free YouTube video downloading tool is a good choice for you.

The Bottom Line

You can get videos from YouTube using one of the four fast YouTube downloaders above. But the only one you can use for free without any ads or plugin is EaseUS MobiMover. While using the tool, you just need to paste the link of the video into the address box and then click "Download". Afterward, the tool will start downloading the MP4 file for you. When the process has done, you can watch the videos, edit the videos, or do any other things you like.

Don't hesitate to give it a try.