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How to Delete Apps on iPhone X in 5 Free and Fast Ways


Updated on Feb 04, 2021 to iPhone Data Transfer | How-to Articles

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Since I updated iOS and I can't figure out how to delete apps on iPhone X. Anybody can help me? THX!!!

- Question from Apple Community

Have you ever encountered a similar problem like the user's we described above? After updating your iPhone to iOS 11/12/13, you can not figure out how to delete apps on the iPhone. Apart from that, there are many situations in which you will need to remove an application from the iPhone. For example, your iPhone is running out of storage and requires more space for new data. Or you want to uninstall the unused app to make your iPhone faster. Whatever the reasons, this guide offers five easy and fast ways to delete Apps on iPhone7/8/X/XR/XS/11. Besides, if you fail to delete apps on the iPhone, you can walk it out by following the tips offered in Part 7. To help you quickly find the way that works best for you, we made a comparison table listing some basic information about each method.

Methods Features Apply for Ease to Use Steps
Tap and Hold
  • The quickest way to remove an app
  • Time-consuming when it comes to deleting bulk apps
Single app Simple Go to your iPhone home screen > Tap and hold the app icon...full step
Home Screen
  • Supports deleting multiple apps on iPhone
  • Supports sharing apps Multiple apps
Multiple apps Simple Go to iPhone home screen > Tap and hold the app icon...full step
  • Permanently deleting single/multiple apps at once
  • Supports manage apps and other files on iPhone
Single/Multiple apps Medium Download and open MobiMover > Choose apps you want to delete...full step
  • Support previewing how much storage space the apps are taking up
  • Supports offloading apps but keep their files on iPhone
Single app Medium Open Settings app > Tap "General"...full step

App Store


  • Lists all apps you have downloaded, and you can delete them one by one
  • By tapping each app, you can view detailed information about this app
  • It only supports iPhone running in iOS 13 or later.
Single/Multiple apps Difficult Open the App Store > Tap your profile picture > Account page...full step
iCloud Permanently delete app data from iCloud. When you re-download this app, the app data won’t be synced on this app. Multiple App Difficult Go to Settings on your iPhone > Select "Your Name" ...full step

How to Delete an App on iPhone X by Tapping and Holding 

It is the easiest way to uninstall apps on iPhone. If you accidentally remove apps, you can quickly find them back via App Store or iTunes.

1. Open your iPhone X and find the app you want to delete.
2. Tap and hold the app icon until a box appears > Select “Delete App.”

Do not press your app icon too hard or you will active 3D Touch, this would give the option to share the app. If you are popeye, we advise you to change 3D Haptic Touch sensitivity on your iPhone.

How to delete Single/Multiple Apps on iPhone X on Home screen

Actually, it is easy to delete Apps on iPhone X either from the Home screen or the iPhone Settings. This part demonstrates deleting Apps on iPhone X from Home screen by tapping X. 

1. Open your iPhone X and go to the Home page, which includes unwanted Apps.

2. Gently press and hold one unwanted App until it begins to wiggle.

3. At the same time when it's wiggling, check the "X" symbol at the top-left corner of the App icon.

4. Tap on the "X" button on the App to delete it. If you want to delete multiple Apps, just repeat the operation again and again. Or you can also delete apps on iPhone in iOS 13 at once with ease.

delete apps on iphone 7 by tapping x

NOTE here: If you have turned off the restrictions on deleting Apps, there is no X appearing when you press and hold the App icon, which means you can't delete apps in this way. In order to fix the problem, go to" Settings" on the iPhone X > "General" > "Restrictions" > "Enable Restrictions" > slide "Deleting Apps" on.  If you still can't delete apps on iPhone X after changing these settings, go to check how to fix can't delete apps on iPhone X in iOS 11. 

Simplest Way to Delete Apps and Other Files from iPhone X 

Other than Apps, it is pretty common that many other unwanted files are crowding your iPhone and causing you to have less and less free space for new data. To delete unused apps and other files, we highly recommend EaseUS MobiMover, the most comprehensive iPhone manager to help you easily and effectively delete batches of apps at one time. Besides, you can also use MobiMover to remove music from the iPhone, delete audiobooks from iPhone in batches, or delete all the iPhone contacts at one time. 
Click the button below to safely download and install EaseUS MobiMover, and then follow the guide below to learn how to remove unwanted apps from your iPhone with ease.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone/iPad to your Mac. Run EaseUS MobiMover and go to "Content Management" > Apps. 

How to delete apps on iPhone - Step 1

Step 2. Then, all of your apps will be displayed on the screen > Choose the Apps you'd like to delete from your iPhone > Click the "Delete" button. After that, you will see a new window asking for confirmation. Click "Yes" to delete apps from your iPhone/iPad. 

How to delete apps on iPhone - Step 2

How to Remove Apps on iPhone X from Settings

This part shows you the steps to delete Apps on iPhone X from settings, which is also quite easy. 

1. Open your iPhone X and go to "Settings". 

2. Continue going to "General" > "iPhone Storage" and tap it to see the list of Apps installed your iPhone X.

3. Tap one unwanted App and enter the App-specific screen. Tap "Delete App" and confirm "Delete App" on the pop-up notice to remove all of its documents and data.

4. Just repeat this operation to delete more Apps. 

delete apps on iPhone X from Settings

When you offload unwanted apps on iPhone, the app is deleted, but the data from this app remains on your iPhone. By offloading unused apps on the iPhone, you can make up more space for new files.

How to Uninstall Apps on iPhone from App Store

If you are using iPhone running iOS 13 or later, you can delete apps from the app update list in the App Store. By deleting apps on iPhone from App Store, you can view all details about this app, including its download date, version, update information, etc. Thus, you can quickly find and delete apps that haven’t been used in ages.

1. Open the App Store > Tap your profile in the upper right > Account page.
2. Scroll down to find the app you want to uninstall > Slide an app title to the left, and then you will see a “Delete” button on the right > Tap it.
3. After that, a confirmation prompt will appear, tap “Delete” again.

Uninstall Apps on iPhone from App Store

How to Permanently Delete Apps from iCloud?

In fact, you can not permanently delete apps from iCloud since these apps are not stored in iCloud. You can only delete the app data from iCloud. Thus, the app data will be permanently removed from your iPhone and other iOS devices connect to the same Apple ID. Here are steps to do it:

1. Go to Settings on your iPhone > Select "Your Name" > Manage Storage > Tap "Backups."

2. You will see a list of all devices connected to your iCloud account, just select the device containing the apps you wish to delete.

3. Then, you will see a list of apps under Choose Data to Backup > Tap "Show All Apps."

4. Tap apps you want to permanently delete and slide the white dot to the left.

5. And a window will pop up to ask you "Do you want to turn off [selected apps] backups and delete the backup data from iCloud?" > Tap Turn Off & Delete.

Delete Apps from iCloud

Can't Delete Apps on iPhone? Fixed Here

While deleting or uninstalling apps on iPhone, you might encounter some problems, such as the apps don't wiggle on your screen or there is no "X" appears in the corner of app, how do you delete apps on iPhone X when you get stuck in these troubles? To help you out, we compile a step-by-step guide to fix "can't delete apps on iPhone." The following list is a brief instruction of all possible methods.

1. Don't active the 3D Touch menu.

2. Delete waiting apps.

3. Enable Restrictions for deleting apps.

4. Restart or force restart your iPhone/iPad.

5. Delete apps using Settings.

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