Buckup iPhone Contacts to PC without Limitation

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Alisa Updated on Jun 26, 2018 to iPhone Data Transfer | How-to Articles

Contacts are considered to be one of the most important iPhone apps which keeps you in touch with family members, best friends, coworkers, and important business partners. Usually, if you lose your iPhone you will lose all the contacts stored on it. For these reasons, iPhone users use different services to make sure those contacts remains safe and secure. One of the most popular services that iPhone users may choose should be iCloud. However, iCloud can undergo many issues and problems, including data theft and manipulation of any kind.

Gmail has been regarded as the best and the securest service of all time. It not only stores the contacts but also ensures that they remain in such an environment which is safe, secure and risk-free. Now let's see how to backup iPhone contacts to Gmail easily.

Part 1 Backup iPhone Contacts to Gmail via Settings

It is a simple process which makes sure that the contacts are synced to Gmail without using any third-party application and all the work is done on iPhone alone. The process is mentioned as below.

Step 1: Tap on Settings > "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" to begin the process correctly when it comes to direct syncing.

Step 2: On the next screen, the user needs to tap on "Add Account" to make sure that the email accounts supported by the device pop up.

Step 3: Google account is to be selected from the page that comes in next.

Step 4: The user just has to make sure that the contacts are turned on, and when this process has been completed and the Google account has been added heading back to the contacts, the screen will show that the syncing has begun automatically.

Part 2 Backup iPhone Contacts to Gmail via iTunes

iTunes is a program that is mostly used by iPhone users to sync content on iPhone with the computer. In order to transfer contacts through the iTunes, the process is mentioned as below.

Step 1: Connect iPhone to the computer through a USB cable to start the process.

Step 2: Launch the iTunes software so that it can detect the device with ease.

Step 3: Under the Info tab, select the option of "Sync Contacts with Google Contacts".

Step 4: Enter the Gmail username and the password as soon as the prompt comes out to proceed further. Step 5: For further clarification, the user needs to visit www.gmail.com, then Gmail >Contacts.

Step 6: All the contacts are imported to Gmail directly.

Part 3 Backup iPhone Contacts to PC for the Safest Protection

One of the best ways to backup iPhone contacts is to download iPhone contacts to PC, which will prevent you from online security risk and privacy leak.

Here we will introduce you a complete freeware for free iPhone data transfer, EaseUS MobiMover Free, the first free iPhone transfer software in the market. It works perfectly to transfer contents on iOS devices to PC, such as to transfer music and photos from iPhone to computer. What's more, MobiMover is able to transfer your contacts back and forth from iPhone to PC. So it is also easy to restore the contacts to your iPhone. Now let's have a look at how to backup iPhone contacts to PC with MobiMover.

In this way, you will be able to backup all your contacts from iPhone to computer all at once.

 Free Download for PC
Secure Download
 Free Download for Mac
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Step 1: Connect your iPhone (running iOS 8 or later) to your PC, start EaseUS MobiMover Free and choose iDevice to PC from the main interface.

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to PC - Step 1

Step 2: To transfer contacts from your iPhone to PC, go to click More and keep contacts selected. As you can see, using the 1-Click Transfer is a good choice for you to transfer all supported files from your iPhone to the computer.

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to PC - Step 2

Step 3: Click the folder icon to choose a folder to save the contacts to be copied.

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to PC - Step 3

Step 4: Click Transfer to start transferring contacts from your iPhone to PC. When it has done, you can go to the select folder to check the contacts. (The contacts will be stored as an HTML file on your PC, thus, open it with a browser to view the details.)

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to PC - Step 4

In this way, you can download all contacts from iPhone to PC. If you need to transfer several specific contacts to computer, you can make use of the "Custom" transfer of EaseUS MobiMover Free. The following will show you how to backup multiple contacts from iPhone to PC with the custom transfer.

With EaseUS MobiMover Free, you can easily transfer all/multiple contacts from iPhone to the computer. In addition, you can also sync data between iOS devices, so that you can easily move your contacts to new iPhone from your old iPhone.