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Ada Updated on Feb 12, 2020 to iPhone Data Transfer | How-to Articles

Android users can easily transfer their data to Android smartphone with only a USB cable. After the connection, all data in the phone can be accessed by PC without any other requirements. The situation would be much different for iPhone users as iOS system is a closed system that provides little entrance for non-Apple devices. A USB cable alone can't connect iPhone and computer directly. So it's quite inconvenient to backup files in iPhone to PC and spare more space for a smooth performance of iPhone. 

Thus, Software like EaseUS MobiMover was developed to boost the data managing in iPhone. With it, the iPhone data like contacts, messages, photos, voicemails, ringtones etc. can be transferred or deleted in bulk with only several steps, providing a better alternative to iTunes and iCloud that are not user-friendly to some degree. 

How to use MobiMover to connect iPhone to PC?

First of all, download EaseUS MobiMover Free on your computer; The installation file is less than 30 MB, so the whole process won't take up too much space on your computer, neither your CPU speed when it's running;

 Free Download for PC
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 Free Download for Mac
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Secondly, download iTunes for Windows and log in with your Apple ID; Please ignore this step if you have already installed it and log in directly;

Thirdly, connect your iPhone with a USB cable to the target computer and allow the software to read your data in iPhone by tabbing Trust on the pop-up appearing on your iPhone. 

you can access the data on your iPhone on the computer, then you can backup them, delete them in batch, and transfer them to PC. The action is applicable to all the data stored on iPhone including videos, TV shows, music and many others that are not mentioned in this article. 

With the similar simple process, data transfer from iPhone to iPhone, iPad, Mac and so on can be achieved, it's true for the reverse. To transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone can be done in clicks. Another standout character of MobiMover is that it helps to delete iPhone data like photo stream and TV shows in much shorter time than a direct deletion in iPhone. 

MobiMover is more powerful than what described in this post in iPhone data management. It can help to add ringtones to iPhone, add ringtones to iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 8 when you want to upgrade your iPhone recently. 

In following texts, we will show you how to use MobiMover to sync data from iPhone to iPad without iTunes or iCloud.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone and iPad to your Mac with compatible USB cables and tap on Trust This Computer if you are asked. Run EaseUS MobiMover Free for Mac and choose iDevice to iDevice mode on the main screen.

how to transfer data from iPhone to iPad - step 1

Step 2: MobiMover will check and load all the compatible files automatically as the screenshot shows below. There is no need for you to choose them one-by-one manually. 

Note: You can click the drop-down arrow close to the iOS device to set the source/target device directly. For convenience, you can plug into your iPhone at first.

how to transfer data from iPhone to iPad - step 2 

Step 3: Now, click Transfer to transfer data from iPhone to iPad at a fast speed. Please don't break off the USB connection before the process finishes. If you have too many large files to be synced at a time, please wait patiently.

how to transfer data from iPhone to iPad - step 3