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How to Transfer Files from iPad to iPad in 4 Methods

Katrin updated on Jul 23, 2020 to iPhone Data Transfer | How-to Articles

Getting a new iPad is awesome, but transferring files from the old iPad to the new iPad isn't. In contrast to backing up the iPad, moving files between iPads will be much more difficult. This is an individual need, and each individual may have different requirements for data transfer. Some users may want to transfer everything, including settings, from one iPad to another. While others may want to transfer specific apps or files to another device. Depending on different demands for data transfer, we collect some possible ways to transfer files from iPad to iPad without any obstacles.

Method 1. The Quickest Way to Transfer Wanted Data from One iPad to Another
Method 2. Moving Small Files Between iPads via AirDrop
Method 3. Transfer Everything from One iPad to Another via iCloud
Method 4. Transfer Files from iPad to iPad via iTunes

Method 1. The Quickest Way to Transfer Wanted Data from One iPad to Another

If you only want to transfer specific apps or files from one iPad to another, the best solution is to use EaseUS MobiMover - a professional and reliable iOS data transfer tool. As one of the best iPhone data transfer software, it can help you transfer all or only wanted data from iPad to iPad. Apart from that, there are many benefits you can gain from this tool, such as:

  • Transfer 20+ popular iOS data like audio files, images, videos, contacts, messages, notes, books, etc.
  • Support moving stuff between two iOS devices and transferring files from iPad to PC or vice versa.
  • Download videos from over 1000 video-sharing websites. Thus, you can download your favorite videos to the new device for offline view.
  • Enables you to unlock an iPad or iPhone without passcode.

Note: It worth noting that this tool doesn't support transferring iPad passwords, Wi-Fi passwords, and other settings.

Here we will show you how to transfer photos from one iPad to another as an example:

Step 1. Connect both of your iOS devices to your computer (Mac/PC). Launch EaseUS MobiMover, and choose "Phone to Phone" on the screen. Correctly check your source device and target device, and click the "Next" button to continue. 

How to transfer photos from iPad to iPad - Step 1

Step 2. Check the category/categories you want to transfer from your source device to target device. As you can see, in addition to photos, you can also copy videos, audios, contacts, messages, and more between your iDevices.

How to transfer photos from iPad to iPad - Step 2

Step 3. After checking the settings, click the "Transfer" button to start moving photos between your devices. When it has completed, go to the "Photos" app on your target device to check the newly imported items.

How to back up iPhone photos to computer - Step 3

It is also a professional iPhone manager and can manage your data and files on your iOS devices, i.g. you can use MobiMover to delete or add ringtones to the iPhone.

Method 2. Moving Small Files Between iPads via AirDrop

Using AirDrop is another easy and convenient way to move data between iOS devices. You can complete the process through your iPads, without using a computer or any third-party software. Apart from that, it has some limitations as we listed below.

  • It requires both WLAN and Bluetooth to be enabled on both devices.
  • It only works with devices that are within about 10 meters or 30 feet.
  • It only works on iPhone 5 or later, iPad (fourth generation or later), iPad mini, iPad touch (fifth generation or later), and Mac running OS X Lion.
  • It is only compatible with iOS 7 and later.

If you've got everything ready, now you can follow the steps to airdrop files between Apple devices. Here we take photos as an example.

Step 1. Go to the Photos App on your old iPad and select the photos you'd like to send to your new iPad.

Step 2. Tap on the "Share" button, click "AirDrop" and choose your new iPad.

Step 3. On your new iPad, click "Accept" when a prompt asking you whether to accept the photos from your old iPad.

When somehow you have the AirDrop not working problem, you can also try the following methods to transfer files between iPads.

Method 3. Transfer Everything from One iPad to Another via iCloud

You can use iCloud to make a backup copy of your files on the old iPad and then restore the backup on the new iPad through iCloud as well to make the file transfer between iPads possible.

Create an iCloud backup

Step 1. Go to the Settings on your old iPad >[Your Name] > iCloud > iCloud Backup. If you are using iOS 10.2 or older, select Settings > iCloud > Backup.

Step 2. Make sure the iCloud backup option is on > Tap on "Create backup now".

Backup iPhone files to iCloud

Restore the iCloud backup on the new device

Step 1. Turn on your new device. A welcome screen should appear. If you have already set up your new device, you'll need to factory reset it before performing the following steps.

Step 2. Follow the instructions until you reach your wireless settings > Tap a wireless network to connect> Tap Restore from iCloud backup.

Step 3. Log in to iCloud using your Apple ID and password > When prompted, select a backup. If you purchased content from the iTunes Store or App Store with multiple Apple IDs, you will be prompted to log in with each Apple ID.

Restore iPhone messages from iCloud backup

Step 4. Wait until the recovery process is complete.

Method 4. Transfer Files from iPad to iPad via iTunes

Like iCloud, you can also create an iTunes backup of your existing device and install it on your new device.

Create an iTunes backup of your existing device

Step 1. Connect your old iPad to your computer > Open iTunes and make sure you have the latest version installed > Select your device.

Step 2. If you want your health and activity data to be backed up from your iOS device, you need to encrypt your iTunes backup: Enable the checkbox "Encrypt Device Backup" and choose a memorable password.

Step 3. Once the process is complete, you can check if the encrypted backup has been successfully created in iTunes under Settings > Devices. It should display the name of your device and the time the iTunes backup is created. If you have encrypted the backup, the icon should appear next to the device name.

Create an iTunes backup

Restore the iTunes Backup on the new iPad

Like the restore process from an iCloud backup, you can tap Restore from iTunes Backup on the screen and follow the instructions.

Step 1. Connect your iPad to the computer with the USB cable > Launch iTunes on your computer.

Step 2. Click the iPhone button in the left column of iTunes. If iTunes can't recognize your iPad, fix it with proper methods.

Step 3. Click "Back Up Now" in the right-side panel. And click "Restore Backup..." when the backup finishes.

Step 4. Choose your iPad and click "Restore" to reset the iPad now.

Restore iPhone from backup

The Bottom Line

That's a wrap! We hope you have transferred files from iPad to iPad successfully. If you want to transfer only wanted files from one iPad to another, you can use EaseUS MobiMover to do it. While if you don't want to download any third-party software, you can also use the other three methods to get the job done. Anyway, each method has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on your needs. You can choose one that works best for you.