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How to Transfer Notes from iPhone to Computer With Ease

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The Notes app on the iPhone plays a vital role in helping you remember some important things like urgent meetings, important reference numbers, someone's birthday, etc. Sometimes, you may need to export these important notes to a computer for making a backup or re-editing. Whatever the reason, you can follow this step-by-step instruction to transfer notes from your iPhone to your computer without fuss. 

Method 1. How to Transfer Notes from iPhone to PC via a Transfer Software

If you're searching for a quick and easy way to back up or transfer one or multiple notes from an iPhone to a PC, you can use this reliable iPhone data transfer tool - EaseUS MobiMover to do it. As a versatile iPhone manager, this program can help you flexibly add, delete, or export notes, contacts, messages, videos, and many other data on your computer.

Besides the features mentioned above, you can also use EaseUS MobiMover to move data between two iOS devices, transfer WhatsApp messages, convert HEIC photos to JPG, etc.

For more features of this program, you can download it on your computer to explore. And now, let's see how it works to transfer notes from your device to the computer. 

Tips: EaseUS MobiMover only lets you export or import notes on iPhone running iOS 10 or earlier. Additionally, make sure your Notes are stored locally instead of cloudly. Otherwise, we can't help you transfer notes.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer and launch EaseUS MobiMover, click on the "Browse & Transfer" option from the left pane of this prorgam, then choose "Notes."

connect device and launch EaseUS MobiMover

Step 2. Select the notes you want to transfer to your computer, and then click "To PC" in the upper right corner. 

Manage your notes

Step 3. When the transfer process has finished, you can view and manage the notes on your computer with ease.

start transferring notes from iPhone/iPad to computer

In addition to backing up iPhone notes to PC, you can also transfer Notes from iPad to PC.

Method 2. How to Export Notes from iPhone to PC via Email

Apart from using a third-party transfer tool, you can also export notes through email without using any additional tool. All you need is to send an Email with attached your notes to yourself and then visit your Email account on your computer and download notes.

Note that this method is only available for transferring notes one by one. If you have a lot of notes to move, you'd better turn to some tools or services that support bulk transfer, just like EaseUS MobiMover. 

To export notes from iPhone to PC via Email: 

Step 1. Open the Notes app on your iPhone.

Step 2. Choose a folder that contains the notes you want to transfer. 

Step 3. Tap a note you wish to transfer and tap the icon with three dots inside a circle in the upper right corner.

Step 4. Select "Send a Copy," and then choose "Email."

Step 5. Log in to your email account on your PC and download the note you send. 

Step 6. You can repeat the above steps to export multiple notes. 

back up notes from iPhone to PC by email

Tips: If you're a Mac user, you can choose "AirDrop" instead of "Mail" as the transfer way. Anyway, flexibly choose the suitable method based on reality.

Method 3. How to View and Edit Notes on a PC via iCloud 

If you want to view and edit notes on your computer, you can use iCloud to get the job done. However, this way only allows you to read and edit notes, not download them on your computer. If you don't think moving more steps is troublesome, you can copy and paste these notes to your notepad or word. 

To access and edit notes in

Step 1. Go to the Settings > [your name] > iCloud.

Step 2. Toggle the Notes on, and then your notes will be automatically uploaded to the iCloud. 

Step 3. Head to on your computer, and choose "Notes."

Step 4.  Find all the notes you synced, and then edit or save them as HTML on your computer.

Back up notes from iPhone to PC Using iCloud

The Bottom Line

It is easy to export notes from iPhone to the computer, as you can see. Whatever your purpose for doing so, try the methods we listed above to transfer iPhone notes to a PC. If, apart from iPhone notes, you have many other iPhone data to transfer between an iPhone and a computer or between two iPhones, you can use EaseUS MobiMover to do it. 

EaseUS MobiMover



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