3 Ways Transfer Notes To iCloud

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Katrin Updated on Jun 08, 2018 to iPhone Data Transfer | How-to Articles

How to transfer notes to iCloud to create a safe backup copy of your iPhone notes? Here in this blog article, we will show you the way to transfer all your notes from iPhone to iCloud. transfer notes to iCoud.

Is it possible to transfer notes to iCloud?

Smartphones have changed our lives because we don't need computers all day long if we have our phones on hands. We can do a lot of things directly on smartphones, such as writing important notes directly on your iPhone and then transfer them to your desktop PC or Mac. This allows you to insert the notes into documents or save them so that you can read them later.

If you want to save your notes forever, you can transfer them to iCloud, so you always have access to the notes and you can change them afterward. You can also view the notes on a PC at any time by logging in iCloud. Also, the notes can be retrieved from any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad that are linked to your Apple ID.

3 Ways to Transfer Notes - Here's how it works

Way 1. Transfer notes from your iPhone to your PC using EaseUS iPhone data transfer

You can use a safe iPhone data transfer software to help you transfer or export notes from iPhone. EaseUS MobiMover is such software that you need. As an iOS data transfer tool, MobiMover supports the data transfer between two iOS devices, like transferring photos from iPhone to iPhone, or between an iOS device and the computer, like in this case.

Now, click the button below to safely downlad and install the freeware on yourPC, then follow the steps to quickly copy your iPhone notes to PC. (Notes cannot be transferred on devices running iOS 11 and later due to the limits of iPhone operating system.)

 Free Download for PC
Secure Download
 Free Download for Mac
Secure Download

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your PC (running Windows 7 or later) and run EaseUS MobiMover Free. When a notification pops up on your iPhone asking you whether to trust this computer, tap on Trust to continue. Launch EaseUS MobiMover Free and choose the iDevice to PC mode on the main screen.  

how to transfer notes from iPhone to computer - Step 1 

Step 2: MobiMover will read and list all the supported data on your iPhone, including photos, audios, videos, contacts, voice memos, and notes contained in the More box.

how to transfer notes from iPhone to computer - Step 2

Step 3: keep Notes only by unticking other data boxes. MobiMover offers the 1-click solution to transfer notes all from iPhone to the computer at once.

how to transfer notes from iPhone to computer - Step 3

Step 4: In this step, you can move your mouse to the top-right corner and find the Folder icon, which enables you to set the storage path on your computer for exported notes.

how to transfer notes from iPhone to computer - Step 4

Step 5: Now, click Transfer to transfer iPhone notes to the computer at an amazing speed. When the process finishes, you can view and edit the downloaded notes as you need.

how to transfer notes from iPhone to computer - Step 4

If you want to transfer contacts from iPhone to the computer for backing up, please select the Contacts as well.

Way 2. Synchronize your iPhone notes via iTunes

You can also transfer notes with iTunes, but they can only be saved in an outlook account on Windows.

Connect your iPhone to your PC and open iTunes. Now click on the "Info" tab. Scroll down and select "Synchronize notes with outlook" and press "Synchronize". Once synchronization is complete, the notes will be displayed in outlook. Click on the note icon in the lower left corner. There you will now find all your notes, you can copy them from here anywhere.

If you use this method, all notes are automatically copied to your outlook account. With this method, however, you can only copy the notes to an outlook account. However, if you do not have outlook installed, or if you do not want to save your notes in outlook, this method is not suitable for you. It is also a very cumbersome method of copying notes to the PC.

Way 3. Transfer notes to iCloud

  • 1. The easiest way to store your notes is to transfer your iPhone notes iCloud.
  • 2. Go to the settings and find your username and Apple ID.
  • 3. Tap on iCloud and select the "Notes".
  • 4. Then go to Notes in settings and select "iCloud" as the default account for your notes.

All your notes are now automatically uploaded to the iCloud and you can access them from any other iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Alternatively, you can also access the notes via the iCloud website.