[Tutorial] 2 Available Ways to Get Photos from iCloud to iPhone

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Tioka Updated on Dec 19, 2017 to iPhone Data Transfer | How-to Articles

iCloud is such an amazing function which can sync your iPhone data to apple sever, so, it allows to get back your photos to iPhone whenever you want.Cause most iPhone users don't know how to get photos from iCloud, this article will provide you the way to get the most out of iCloud.So, if you are finding solutions to get photos from iCloud, you have come to the right place, just read on and get well informed.

How to get photos from iCloud backup to iPhone

If you want to get photos from iCloud backup, you must go to the App&Data screen first.Read the link page and learn more about: What is Apps & Data Screen and How to Get It.

1. Enter the App&Data screen.


2. Tap "Restore from iCloud Backup" to get photos from the iCloud backup.
3. Choose an existing backup file you created before and download all the pictures in this backup file.

the steps restore photos from icloud backup

1. the restoration will delete the existing contents on your iPhone and then restores the pictures from the backup file. The process is not advisable, as in some cases, it even replaces all the settings too!

2.You need to backup your iPhone with iCloud first, and select Restore from iCloud.

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How to get photos from iCloud Photo Library

The iCloud Photo Library allows you have a quick access to your iPhone to all your photos restored in all the devices.Follow the step-by-step below to setup and use the iCloud Photo Library on iPhone right now!

Goes to Setting > name/Apple ID > iCloud > Photos one by one, and turn iCloud Photo Library on. iPhone will download the photos restored in the library automatically.

How to get photos from iCloud Photos Stream to iPhone

If you synced your photos to iCloud Photo Stream on your old iPhone, here you can find the way to get it to your newly bought iPhone with ease. 

Goes to Setting > name/Apple ID > iCloud > Photos, and turn My Photo Stream on, as well as iCloud Photo Sharing.


The synchronization requires the network connection, make sure that you are using Wi-Fi or cellular data.