8 Tips to Save Battery on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

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Myra Posted on May 18, 2017 to iOS & Mac Topics | How-to Articles

One of the common weaknesses of smartphone is that it has a much shorter battery life compared to the earlier cellphones. iPhone is no exception. So it's necessary to learn some tips to save battery on iPhone as much as possible and prevent your iPhone from being recharged too frequently. There are tips to apply to extend your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch battery life.

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Tip 1: Find which App kills most of your battery (iOS 9 or later)

If you want to save your iPhone battery effectively, you need to find out Apps that drain your battery most and avoid starting them unless necessary. You can check it by opening "Settings" App and choose "Battery". Under "Battery Usage" you can see the details of how much battery each App has killed in the past.

Save battery on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch - Check battery usage

Tip 2: Switch off Background App Refresh

If you let "Background App Refresh" on, it will always update your App automatically to the latest version, which will drains your battery without being noticed. You can either turn off the "Background App Refresh" entirely for all Apps or disable it for some Apps.

Steps are:

1. Open "Settings" and choose "General".
2. Toggle off "Background App Refresh".

Save battery on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch - Turn off Background App Refresh

Tip 3: Switch on Low Power Mode on your iPhone

The "Low Power Mode" will be activated automatically to save your battery if your battery is below 20%. But you can also turn if on manually to maximize your battery.

Steps to turn on "Low Power Mode":

1. Open "Settings" and choose "Battery".
2. Toggle on "Low Power Mode".

Save battery on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch - Turn on Low Power Mode

Tip4: Turn off Wi-Fi, Personal Hotspot, Bluetooth and Airdrop when you don't need it.

Turing Wi-Fi on all the time can cost your battery because it will keep hunting for the Wi-Fi connections that it may join in. Similarly, if you turn on Personal Hotspot on your iPhone, you iPhone will keep working as a wireless hotspot, which will also drains your battery. Besides, Bluetooth that enables wireless transfer and AirDrop that requires the use of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can kill your iPhone/iPad battery, too. So it's better to switch these four features off when you don't need them to save battery on iPhone/iPad.

Steps to turn off Wi-Fi/Personal Hotspot/Bluetooth:

1. Open "Settings" and choose "Wi-Fi/Personal Hotspot/Bluetooth".
2. Toggle off "Wi-Fi/Personal Hotspot/Bluetooth".

Save battery on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch - Turn off Wi-Fi

Steps to turn off AirDrop:

1. Swipe up to show Control Center on your device.
2. Click on "AirDrop".
3. Tap "AirDrop" off.

Save battery on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch - Turn off AirDrop

Tip 5: Keep Location Service off

This feature in your iPhone require your device to send data over a network, thus it can consume battery. When you don't need it to tell you directions or locate yourself, keep it off to extend your battery life.

Steps to switch off "Location Service":

1. Open "Settings" and choose "Privacy"
2. Click on "Location Service" and swipe it off.

Save battery on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch - Turn off Location Service

Tip 6: Reduce Brightness and set a shorter Auto Lock interval

Stronger brightness needs more power to make it work and sometimes is not eye-friendly. You can reduce the screen brightness to extend the battery life of your iDevices. Similarly, Auto Lock your iPhone/iPad to keep your screen off can also save your battery.

Steps to adjust brightness:

1. Open "Settings" App and tap on "Display & Brightness".
2. Turn it off and move the button to the left side to reduce brightness.

Save battery on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch - Reduce brightness

Steps to change "Auto Lock":

1. Open "Settings" and click on "Display & Brightness".
2. Choose "Auto Lock" and select a shorter timing.

Save battery on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch - Change Auto Lock

Tip 7: Turn off unneeded vibrations and notifications

Compared to ringing and mute, vibrations cost more battery. And unnecessary notifications can also contribute to the run out of your iPhone battery. Switch off unneeded vibrations and notifications can help you extend the battery of your device.

Steps to turn off vibrations:

1. Launch "Settings" and tap on "Sound".
2. Toggle off "Vibrate on Rings" and "Vibrate on Silent".

Save battery on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch - Turn off vibrations

Steps to turn off the notifications:

1. Launch "Settings" and tap on "Notifications".
2. Disable the notification of some unnecessary Apps.

Save battery on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch - Turn off notifications

Tip 8: Use static background image

It makes sense that the dynamic background need more power to maintain than the static one. So using a static background image is also a choice to save battery.

Sometimes you're just not aware of how much battery a function or feature can drain. I hope after reading this article, you can reduce the unnecessary battery consumption on your iPhone/iPad/iPod to enjoy a longer battery life.