The Release Date & New Features of iOS 11

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Myra Posted on Jun 07, 2017 to iOS & Mac Topics | How-to Articles

Apple is about to release it's new iOS 11 in the fall of 2017, which is considered as "A giant step for iPhone. A monumental leap for iPad." According to Apple, it has improved the usability of iPhone and capability of iPad in many ways with iOS 11. There are totally 13 new features in iOS 11 for iPhone and 7 for iPad.

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What are the new features in iOS 11 for iPhone

#1: Apple Pay in Messages

With iOS 11, you can use Apply Pay in Messages. Sending and receiving money is now as easy and fast as sending messages.

#2: More functions for Live Photos

You can make a video loop out of a Live Photo or add other effect like moving back and forth to a Live Photo. Besides, the long exposure feature has been added to iOS 11.

#3: More filters for photos

Nowadays, it's very popular for mobile phone users to add filters to their photos to make it more attractive before they post them on social networks. I guess that's why Apple has added some amazing filters to Camera to make your photos unique and amazing.

#4: New design for App Store

A new design has come to App Store. The main buttons on the App Store interface has changed into Today, Games, Apps, Updates and Search, which is designed to bring more wonderful Apps and games to you.

#5: More convenience for Messages

With iOS 11, it's more convenient to share things like sticker and emoji with your friends using the improved App drawer.

#6: More intelligent Siri

The new iOS 11 makes Siri a translator by translating English phrases into Chinese, French, Spanish and so on. When you ask Siri to play some music for you, Siri will play the songs you like or you may like. And if asked, Siri can also tell you something about the artists related to the song. iOS 11 makes Siri more personal for you by suggesting news, things you like, topic you're interested in for you.

#7: More sharing in Apple Music

With improved Apple Music in iOS 11, you can enjoy your friends' playlists and the songs they like. You don't need to worry about which songs to listen to anymore.

#8: More fun in AirPlay 2

You can easily get control over the audio system and speakers in your home. You can play the same song in different room simultaneously and set the volume different for each room.

#9: More personal Control Center

You can customize the Control Center according to your needs, which will make it more personal and convenient for you.

#10: More notifications on Lock screen

The new Lock screen of iPhone will contain all your notifications for you to check and make no miss of the information.

#11: Much safer while driving

This new feature in iOS 11 keeps you from being distracted by things like calls and notifications when iPhone detects you are driving to make you safer. Don't worry about the people who are trying to reach you, because they will be informed that you are driving.

#12 Less miss on Maps

The Maps on iOS 11 will make it clearer and easier for you to reach your destination by providing indoor maps and lane guidance.

#13: Automatic setup

Personally, I think this new feature is quite useful and time-saving. In iOS 11, you don't need to manually set up your new iPhone or iPad. What you need to do is to hold your new iDevice close to your old iDecive or Mac and wait for the personal settings, preferences and iCloud passwords to be copied to your new device. 

What are the new features in iOS 11 for iPad

#1: Augmented reality

In iOS 11, the new framework ARKit is added, which enables you to interact with the real world and enjoy the AR experiences when you use some Apps.

#2: New Files App

To manage your files better on iPad, Apple has added the new Files App for iPad. With Files, you can manage your files on iPad easily.

#3: New Dock

Now you can reach the Dock at any screen and quick switch the Apps you use. The Dock in iOS 11 is more intelligent and personal, too. It can suggest your frequently used App for you and you can customize the Dock as you like.

#4: Easier to multitask

With iOS 11, you can launch two App at the same time, drag and drop the elements like text, photos between two Apps, which is really time-saving and amazing.

#5: Magic Apple Pencil

With the Apple Pencil in iOS 11, you can make instant mark, notes, drawing. What's more, you can search your handwritten words in Notes if you write in English or Chinese.

#6: More powerful Notes App

The new feature in iOS 11 for Notes is the Document Scanner, which can automatically detect and scan a document and simply edit it. You can also sign the document with your Apple Pencil.

#7: More convenient Quick Type keyboard

Now you don't need to switch to choose letters, numbers and symbol because they are all on the same keyboard in iOS 11.