[iOS 11]iPhone X/iPhone 8 Not Syncing to iCloud/iTunes? Fixes Here!

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With data syncing, you can back up your iPhone content elsewhere to avoid complete data loss and switch to a new device easier with the previous important files ready for use on your current device after being copied to it. It's not strange that data syncing is a frequently used feature for iPhone users. When it works properly, you can enjoy the conveniences as you wish. However, there is not without problems when syncing iPhone files to iCloud or iTunes. "iPhone contacts not syncing with iCloud" and "iPhone won't sync with iTunes" are reported by iPhone users. If you are bothered by the similar issue, don't hesitate to read this article to find the solutions.

Part 1: Solutions to iPhone Not Syncing with iCloud
Part 2: Solutions to iPhone Won't Sync with iTunes
Part 3: A Free Alternative Way to Sync iPhone Content to Computer/iPhone/iPad

Fixes to iPhone X/iPhone 8 Not Syncing to iCloud/iTunes

Part 1: Fixes to iPhone Not Syncing with iCloud in iOS 11

Tip 1: Check your Apple ID and iCloud settings

If you have turned on iCloud Photos/Contacts/Calendars/Notes or other options, you are able to check the synced items in iCloud.com or on your other devices that you are signed in to with the same Apple ID. Thus when your find iPhone not syncing to iCloud like iPhone contacts not syncing to iCloud or you can not sync files from one iOS device to another via iCloud. You first need to check whether you have turned on the iCloud options and whether you have signed in to iCloud with the same Apple ID on your devices.

Tip 2: Check your network connection

iCloud syncing needs network connection to work. An unstable or poor network connection may be the culprit if your iPhone is not syncing with iCloud. Check the network connection on all your devices first and learn how to fix the "WiFi not working" issue if you do find there is something wrong with your network connection.

Tip 3: Set Data & Time correctly

Check the Date & Time settings on your iPhone to make sure you have set it correctly based on your time zone. Some users have reported the effectiveness of this tip in solving the "iPhone not syncing to iCloud" issue. Besides, this solution is also helpful when you can't download Apps on your iPhone/iPad. Follow the steps below to make it.

  • Open Settings on your iPhone X/iPhone 8/iPhone 7 in iOS 11.
  • Go to General > Date & Time.
  • Toggle on Set Automatically.

Tip 4: Check your iCloud storage

As you may know, the iCloud storage you can use is limited. When you try to sync files like photos, which always is the biggest occupier, to iCloud, you'd better check whether there is enough iCloud storage left. A full iCloud storage is likely to be the cause of the "iPhone not syncing to iCloud issue". Go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud to see how much storage left. If a full storage is the reason why you can't sync your iPhone to iCloud successfully, free up your iCloud space or buy more iCloud storage.

Want to make your iCloud backup faster? Here are tips.

Part 2: Fixes to iPhone X/iPhone 8 Won't Sync with iTunes

Tip 1: Update your iTunes to its latest version

This is the first solution you can try to fix the "iPhone X/iPhone 8/iPhone 7 won't sync with iTunes" issue.

  • On Mac, go to Apple Store > Updates and click Install if there is a new macOS or iTunes update.
  • On PC, go to iTunes > Help > Check for Updates and follow the onscreen prompts to update your iTunes to the latest version if there is a new update available.

Tip 2: Check your USB cable

If there is something wrong with the USB cable which is used to connect your iPhone and computer, you will fail to sync your iPhone X/iPhone 8/iPhone 7 to iTunes. Use another USB cable to have a try. (A faulty USB cable may lead to the annoying "This Accessory May Not Be Supported" issue in iOS 11, so be careful not to use a wrong cable whenever you need to connect your iPhone to other devices.)

Other simple tips you can try when your iPhone X/8/7 won't sync with iTunes:

1. Perform a force restart on your iPhone and computer.

2. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Music to turn off Show Apple Music.

3. On your computer, go to iTunes > Edit > Preferences > General to switch off Show Apple Music.

Part 3: An Alternative Way to Back Up iPhone or Transfer Files from One iPhone to Another

If none of the tips above works to solve the "iPhone not syncing to iCloud/iTunes" problem, there is an alternative way for you to back up your iPhone to computer or transfer files from one iOS device to another free of charge, which is to use EaseUS MobiMover Free. With MobiMover installed on your PC running Windows 7 or later, you can back up your iPhone to computer by transferring photos, videos, audios, contacts, messages, notes, and more from your iPhone (or iPad in iOS 8 or later) to computer or sync all data from iPhone to iPhone with simple clicks. What's more, the content backed up on your computer can be synced back to your iPhone/iPad whenever you need. When iCloud or iTunes syncing is not working, you can still sync your iPhone data to other devices as long as you equip your computer with MobiMover. Don't hesitate to have a try.

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Step 1. Connect two iPhones to your computer (PC/Mac/laptop) with compatible USB cables and tap on "Trust This Computer" on the devices to continue. Run EaseUS MobiMover and navigate to "Phone to Phone". Next, you need to determine the direction, from the source iPhone [name] to the destination iPhone [name], and then click "Next" to continue.

how to transfer files from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud - step 1

Step 2. With MobiMover, you can sync all the files listed below from one iPhone to the other without using iCloud. After choosing the desired data, click "Transfer" to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone without any hassle. If you find some data types, such as Contacts, Notes, or Messages are not allowed to be moved, please turn off the iCloud service for these apps at first.

how to transfer files from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud - step 2

Step 3. Wait patiently until the syncing process finished. Go to the related applications to check the content.

how to transfer files from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud - step 3