Comprehensive Tips on iPhone Not Showing up on Mac

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Cedric Grantham Posted on Jul 19, 2017 to iOS & Mac Topics | How-to Articles

It will be difficult to backup and transfer your iPhone data files to Mac if the iPhone not showing up on Mac, furthermore, iPhone cannot connect to Mac will directly cause iPhone won't connect to iTunes Store and iPhone cannot connect to App Store. In this article, we post comprehensive tips to fix iPhone not showing up on Mac, no matter it caused by iPhone issue, or hardware and software conflicting on Mac.  

If you are using Windows PC instead of Mac, you need to go to fix iPhone not showing up on Windows PC.

How to fix iPhone not showing up on Mac

iPhone not showing up on Mac may due to one of the many reasons listed below:

1. USB cable or USB port not working 

USB cable or USB port not working may be the most common reason for iPhone not showing up on Mac. When you try to connect iPhone to Mac, do use the original Apple USB cable, and try a different USB port on your computer.

2. Unplug and plug in iPhone repeatedly

Unplug and plug in iPhone to Mac for a few times to confirm the USB connection can work well or not.  

3. Restart or reset iPhone

If the reason comes to the conflicts between iPhone and iTunes, the quickest way is restarting and resetting your iPhone. Restart your iPhone don't bring any harm to your iPhone, just holding Sleep/Wake to slide it off and then press the Sleep/Wake button again to open it. If restarting doesn't work any more, you may consider reset your iPhone. As the operation will definitely cause iPhone data loss and bring you a brand new iPhone needs be reset from the very beginning. Therefore, think twice before decision.

4. Update Mac OS system

Different iPhone requires different Mac OS system, make sure your Mac system is higher than the system on iPhone. If it's below your iPhone system requirement coincidently, update your Mac operating system.

5. Update iPhone driver 

iPhone not showing up on Mac can also due to something wrong with the iPhone drive on Mac. Updating the iPhone drive can help you settle the issue.

6. Third-party software conflicts

Conflicts from third-party firewall and anti-virus programs can also cause iPhone not showing up on Mac. Turning off or updating your security software is a good choice to solve the problem.