[Detailed Guide] How to Manage Your Apple ID

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Tioka Updated on Jun 26, 2018 to iOS & Mac Topics | How-to Articles

Apple ID can give you access to all Apple services, such as App Store, iCloud, iMessage, Facetime, iBooks Games Center and so on. For an iOS device user, an Apple ID seems so important. So, it's necessary to know how to manages your Apple ID to make out of your iPhone/iPad. This article will you the method of managing Apple ID in 2 parts. Read on and learn more about it.

Part 1. How to manage Apple ID Account in settings on iPhone

If there is no Apple ID on your iPhone, you will have no access to many Apple service. So, how to manage your Apple ID on your iPhone? There is a detailed guide below, please check it.

1. Unlock the screen and go to Settings.

2. You will see Apple ID as well as your profile pic and name. Tap on it to get into the Apple ID settings.

3. Firstly, you'll see an overview of your Apple ID account including access to Apple ID info such as Name, Phone Numbers, Email, as well as Password & Security, and Payment & Shipping.

Notes: Tap on "Password & Security", you can change Password, and tap on "Payment & Shipping", you can change your Apple ID Credit Card and Address.

4. In the second menu, you will see iCloud, iTunes & App Store, tap on each will give you an access to the advanced setting for each category.

Notes: Tap on Apple ID in iTunes & App Store advanced settings, you can choose view or sign out your Apple ID.

Part 2. How to manage Apple ID on Apple ID page

Besides, you can also manage your Apple ID on Apple ID page.

Visit https://appleid.apple.com/ and you can sign in your Apple ID to get your Account, Security, Devices, Payment, and Shipping information. And If you forget your Apple ID or Password, you can also retrieve your ID and Password in this page by clicking the tiny words Forgot Apple ID or password? on the middle of the screen. 

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