How to Enable Cookies on Mac

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Myra Posted on May 24, 2017 to iOS & Mac Topics | How-to Articles

Cookies on a computer record the information when you visit a website, like your preference, Email address, your name and browsing tendencies. Thus it can make your visits to websites more convenient because you don't need to repeated enter some basic information when you visit the websites. Besides, it enables the browser to provide personal service for you by remembering your preference. Read on to know the ways to enable cookies on common browsers, including Safari, Chrome, Opera and Firefox on your Mac.

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Part 1: How to enable cookies on Mac - Safari

Step 1: Tap on "Safari" icon on your dock.
Step 2: Tap on "Safari" icon again on the toolbar of the browser and choose "Preferences".
Step 3: When a window appears, select "Privacy".
Step 4: In addition to "Cookies and website data", you can allow cookies for all websites in safari by choosing "Always Allow". There are other three options you can choose according to your needs, including "Always block (disable cookies)", "Allow from current website only" and "Allow from websites I visit".

Enable cookies in Safari on Mac

Part 2: How to enable cookies on Mac - Chrome

Step 1: Run Chrome on Mac and click "Chrome" menu.
Step 2: Tap on "Preferences" and select "Show advanced settings" under "Settings".
Step 3: Choose "Content Settings" under "Privacy" section.
Step 4: In "Cookies" section, choose "Allow local data to be set" and click "Done" to enable cookies in Chrome on Mac.

Allow cookies in Chrome on Mac

Part 3: How to allow cookies on Mac - Opera

Step 1: Tap on "Opera" icon on the menu bar and choose "Preferences".
Step 2: When the dialog box appears, select "Advanced" and click "Cookies".
Step 3: You can enable cookies in Opera by choosing "Accept cookies" or "Accept cookies only from the site I visit". And then click "OK" to finish the setting.

Enable cookies in Opera on Mac

Part 4: How to allow cookies on Mac - Firefox

Step 1: Run Firefox and tap on "Firefox" on the menu bar.
Step 2: Choose "Preferences" and select "Privacy".
Step 3: Under "History", beside "Firefox will:", choose "Use custom settings for history".
Step 4: Choose "Accept cookies from sites" to enable cookies in Firefox on Mac.

Allow cookies on Mac in Firefox on Mac