How to Delete Cookies on Mac

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Myra Posted on Jun 06, 2017 to iOS & Mac Topics | How-to Articles

Want to clear useless cookies of different browsers on your Mac? Want to free up Mac space by deleting cookies? Want your Mac to run faster by clearing cookies? If your answer is "Yes", I suggest you to read this article to learn the ways to delete cookies in browsers, including Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera on Mac. If you want to prevent your Mac from saving cookies, you can disable cookies on Mac completely following the same ways to enable cookies on Mac.

How to clear cookies on Mac - Safari

1. Launch Safari on your Mac.
2. Tap on "Safari" and choose "Preferences".
3. Go to "Privacy".
4. Choose "Remove All Website Data" under "Cookies and website data" section or you can selectively clear cookies in "Details".

How to clear cookies in Safari on Mac

How to delete cookies on Mac - Chrome

1. Run Chrome and select "History" in menu bar.
2. Tap on "Show Full History" and choose "Clear browsing data".
3. Select the period and the data you want to remove.
4. Tap on "Clear browsing data".

How to delete cookies in Chrome on Mac

How to remove cookies from Mac - Firefox

1. Go to Firefox and choose "History".
2. Tap on "Clear Recent History".
3. Select time range and data you want to delete, like Cookies and Cache, then choose "Clear Now".

How to delete cookies in Firefox on Mac

How to clear cookies on Mac - Opera

1. Run Opera and choose "History" in the menu.
2. Choose "Show All History" and go to "Clear Browsing Data".
3. Select the time range and data, like Cookies and other site data, and tap on "Clear Browsing Data".

How to clear cookies in Opera on Mac