Privacy Protection: Hide Messages Previews on iPhone Locked Screen

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Duke Updated on Jun 25, 2019 to iOS & Mac Topics | How-to Articles

Messages previews on locked screen is a very convenient function, you can see the sender and the first few words even without unlocking your iPhone. But, there is a serious problem. Beside yourself, the messages previews are also can be read by the others, they don't need to enter any password, especially for iOS 10, just pick up your iPhone, and they have the access to the previews of your messages on iPhone.

How to prevent personal privacy leaking

Deleting messages on your iPhone is a way, but don't forget to backup text messages on iPhone. Before deleting, here we offer you 2 methods to hide messages previews on iPhone locked screen.

Method 1. Turn off the show previews option.

Step 1. Go to Settings>Notification>Messages.

Step 2. Tap the option Show previews.

Step 3. Tap the option Off.


Now, you can only see the sender and "Text Messages" in the previews notification.

Method 2. Turn off the notification of messages when screen locked

Method 1 is relatively gentle, but in Method 2, the messages previews on iPhone will completely disappear on the locked screen.

Step 1. Go to Settings>Notification>Messages.

Step 2. Turn off the option View in Lock Screen.

Now, you will only hear the voice or feel the vibration. There won't be anything on the previews on iPhone locked screen.


What's more, if you have turned on iMessage, you may like bubble effect on iPhone, that's an interesting function.