[Solution] How to Hard Reset an iPad

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Rita Updated on Jun 26, 2018 to iOS & Mac Topics | How-to Articles

How to hard reset an iPad

First, let's have a look at how to hard reset an iPad, the operation can be very easy.

Normally to restart an iPad, in other words to reset an iPad is the first thing that most people will do when the iPad is stuck or has something wrong on desktop, but it can't solve all the problems, and to hard reset an iPad may easily cause data loss, so we don't suggest to go this often. But you should know how to do in case one day you need to.

  • 1. Pressing on/off button and home button at the same time.
  • 2. Keep pressing the 2 buttons until a slider appears on the screen.
  • 3. Release both 2 buttons (on/off button and home button).
  • 4. Slide from left to right the slider on iPad screen to turn off your iPad, you also can tap Cancel, if you change your mind.
  • 5. When your iPad screen turns to dark black, it means your iPad is turned off.
  • 6. Hold to press on/off button until you see the Apple logo appears on the screen to turn on your iPad again. Then check if your iPad runs as well as before.

Back up iPad files with iPad data transfer software 

To prevent data loss by the unknown problems or hard reset, we hope you can develop a habit of backing up iPad data, this is very good for you and with EaseUS MobiMover you will find that to back up your iPad files to Pc is a very simple thing.

EaseUS MobiMover is a user-friendly iPhone transfer software for iOS devices. It works as a professional iPhone manager that can help to transfer, add, delete and edit data with a few clicks. And with EaseUS MobiMover Free Edition you can back up your iPad/iPhone or iPods in totally free mode. 

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Step 1. Connect your iPhone/iPad to your PC with a USB cable. You need to tap "Trust This Computer" on the device screen if a pop-up appears. Start EaseUS MobiMover and select the "Phone to PC" mode in the main interface. Now you can head to back up your connected iDevice data by clicking "Next".

how to back up iPhone/iPad data - step 1

Step 2. MobiMover enables you to back up everything from your iPhone/iPad to the PC in a readable way. Here, you can customize a location to keep the transferred data on your computer, otherwise, it will keep on your computer desktop by default. Choose the apps you want to back up and click "Transfer".

how to back up iPhone/iPad data - step 2

Step 3. MobiMover will work on transferring the selected files from iPhone/iPad to the designated place. When it completes, you can go to the path, find the backup folder and open it. If the exported data is saved as a .html file on your computer, you need to open it with a browser and view details on the web page.

how to back up iPhone/iPad data - step 3

In addition to iPad, if you also wish to transfer files from iPhone to PC or from PC to iPhone reversely, just launch MobiMover Free again.