iPad Charging Slow? Fixes Here!

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Myra Posted on Jul 13, 2017 to iOS & Mac Topics | How-to Articles

"Why does my iPad charge so slow?", "How to make an iPad charge faster?", "How to charge an iPad faster?", many people asked. If you have the same question in your mind. This article that provides the solutions to "iPad charging slow" problem is what you need. Read on to get the details.


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How to make an iPad charge faster

Tip 1: Use official USB cable from Apple

It is understandable that the official accessory is the most suitable for your iPad. So to ensure a normal charging speed of your iPad, you'd better use the official USB cable to charge your iPad.

Tip 2: Use wall chargers

The most suitable power supply is the wall charger. So instead of using a USB cable to connect to a computer to charge your iPad, you'd better charge your iPad using a wall charger.

Tip 3: Don't use your iPad while charging

If you find your iPad charging slowly while you are using it, "you are using it" might be the cause. When you run applications on iPad while charging, the applications are eating up your battery. Then it's natural that your iPad will charge slowly.

Tip 4: Force restart your iPad

Give a fresh start to your iPad might solve the "iPad charging slow" problem. All you need to do is to force restart your iPad by pressing and holding both Sleep/Wake button and Home button for at least 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears.