Effective Fix iPad Stuck in Recovery Mode

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Cedric Grantham Posted on Jun 26, 2017 to iOS & Mac Topics | How-to Articles

When upgrading iPad to a new iOS operating system, iPad stuck in recovery mode is one of the common issues that many users may encounter. Then, what can we do to get iPad out of recovery mode? We provide users following two workable methods, please do what we say.

Method 1. Fix iPad stuck in recovery mode with iTunes restore

When iPad has been stuck in the recovery mode, iTunes can be used to solve the problem by restoring the device to factory settings. But please note that this method may erase all data and settings on your iPad if you didn't back up your device before. Therefore, please make an iPad backup in the iTunes if you want to save the data.

Before we start, please ensure that you have installed the newest version of iTunes on your PC or Mac and go to settings>iCloud>Turn off "find my iPad". Now, Please follow the tips below.

1. Connect your iPad to a computer with an original USB cable.

2. Run iTunes on your PC or Mac.

3. When your iPad has been detected by iTunes, a pop-up window will appear and show that your iPad is in recovery mode. You must restore this iPad before it can be used with iTunes. Click OK to begin to restore.

4.  Your iPad will restart after restoring to factory settings.

fix iPad stuck in recovery mode with iTunes restore 

Method 2. Fix iPad stuck in recovery mode without iTunes

If it is no convenient for you to use computer or iTunes to get iPad out of recovery mode, you can simply use iPad embedded buttons to solve this issue.

1. Press and hold Home and Power button on iPad for 10 seconds and release the buttons until the screen turns off.

2. Hold Home and Power button again for 8 seconds till you see the Apple logo, then release them after the iPhone screen turns off.

3. Press and hold Home and Power button for 20 seconds, release Power and hold Home button for 8 seconds;

4. 20 seconds later, release Home button and your iPad shall load normally again.