How to Dry Out An iPhone & Rescue Data from A Wet iPhone

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Jean Updated on Jun 26, 2018 to iOS & Mac Topics | How-to Articles

It's so common to hear that people dropped their iPhone into the water by accident and got a wet iPhone that can hardly turn on. Instead of blaming yourself in the first place not playing a phone in a bathtub, or getting too close to the swimming pool, seashore or any other water-covered places, take an immediate action to maximumly fix a wet iPhone by drying it out!

Tips to rescue a water damaged iPhone

How are you going to take care of the wet iPhone? How do you tell whether it can be fixed or not? Here, you can learn about some tips and tricks before deciding to rescue the iPhone from the water.

1. The recovery chance is far slimmer if it was flooded with a sugary drink or soapy water.
2. Don't try to turn it one as soon as picked it up from the water.
3. Never use a hair dryer to dry it out.
4. Remove your SIM card immediately and use a dry towel to wipe the exterior liquid gently, especially the power ports, switches, and earphone.

How to correctly dry out an iPhone?

Keep in mind with all the essential tips. Next, you shall use the materials that are at your hand to begin drying our the iPhone.

# 1. Dry out a wet iPhone with rice (48 hours)

Bury your wet iPhone inside a sealed box or sealable plastic bag of uncooked rice for 48 hours. The rice remedy is applied by most of the iPhone users because almost everyone can get rice in a second, and it's good at absorbing all the liquid on your iPhone, which helps your device to try as quickly and safely as possible.

But one disadvantage of using rice to dry out an iPhone should be noticed. At the same time of attracting the liquid out of the iPhone, it's easy to fill your iPhone with rice dust.  From our experience, it's still worth a try.

# 2. Dry our a wet iPhone with silica gel (48 hours)

Another way to dry out an iPhone is to find a big plastic box and fill it up with as much silica gel as possible. By doing like this, you won't worry about the potential risk of rice dust. Just collect enough silica gel to surround your iPhone and leave it for 48 hours.

How to save iPhone data after a temporary fix?

If you're lucky enough to have your water damaged iPhone repaired after applying either of the methods, you must take another immediate action to protect your iPhone data, since we don't know exactly how serious you iPhone being water damaged, and how long it will survive from such a damaged. So, try to backup your iPhone by following the guide coming behind.

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Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable. Tap "Trust" on your iPhone screen if a pop-up appears. Open EaseUS MobiMover and select the "Phone to PC" pattern in the main interface. To back up your iPhone photos, contacts and other important apps data, click "Next" to start.

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Step 2. MobiMover will read and load all the iPhone files for you to preview. You can change the default location C:\Users\Owner\Desktop to other preferred locations in advance. Choose the apps you want to back up and click "Transfer".

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Step 3. MobiMover will start to back up iPhone files to your computer immediately. Don't suspend the USB connection while transferring. You can open the exported pictures and videos directly. The contacts and messages are saved as a .html file, you need to open it by a web browser and check details on the web page.

how to back up iPhone files - step 3

In addition to the data transfer between the iOS device and computer, MobiMover also helps to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone, manage iDevice content from computer, and download videos from websites like Vimeo, YouTube, Instagram, and Dailymotion.