Fixes to Cannot Connect to iTunes Store in iOS 11 on iPhone/iPad

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Myra Updated on Jun 21, 2018 to iOS & Mac Topics | How-to Articles

Many users have reported the problem "Cannot connect to iTunes Store" in iOS 11 on iPhone or iPad. That's why this article that provides to potential solutions to the "Cannot connect to iTunes Store"  in iOS 11 is written. If you are encountering the same problem on your iPhone/iPad running iOS 11, no matter its previous iPhone/iPad newly upgraded to iOS 11 or new iPhone X/8/8 Plus in iOS 11, you can apply the solutions below to your iPhone/iPad to fix the "Cannot connect to iTunes Store" in iOS 11. Read on and learn what to do quickly.

Fixes to cannot connect to iTunes Store in iOS 11

Fixes to "Cannot connect to iTunes Store" in iOS 11

As you may know, there are many causes that can lead to the issue. Thus the fixes vary and the solution works well for others may not be workable for you. What you can do is to keep trying and find the tip that can help you out. There is another common problem on iPhone/iPad in iOS 11, which is "touch screen not working". The solutions to it are also provided.

Tip 1: Enable iTunes Store to use both WLAN & cellular data

For iTunes Store to work properly, you need to enable iTunes Store to use WLAN or cellular data. So the safest way to ensure a normal functioning of iTunes Store is to allow it to use both WLAN & cellular data. How to make it? Turn on iTunes Store on your iPhone and then go to Settings > Cellular > iTunes Store > WLAN & Cellular Data. After that, double-click the Home button on your device to shut down iTunes Store and then go to open iTunes Store again. Is the problem "Cannot connect to iTunes Store" in iOS 11 solved using this tip? If not, try the methods below.

Tip 2: Check network connection on iPhone/iPad

As mentioned above, iTunes Store requires the network connection to work, no matter it's WiFi network or cellular data. Thus ensuring a good network is of first importance. You can use other WiFi-supported devices to check whether it's something wrong with the network. If the "Cannot connect to iTunes Store" in iOS11 happens due to the WiFi network, learn the fixes to WiFi not working in iOS 11 to solve the problem.

Tip 3: Set correct date and time

If the Date & Time is not set correctly for your time zone, the issue "Cannot connect to iTunes Store" can happen. Go to Settings > General > Date & Time > turn on Set Automatically.

Tip 4: Check system status

The occurrence of the problem may be caused by the problem of Apple Service. Go to the Apple System Status page ( to check the system status. If you find iTunes Store is not currently available, what you can do is to wait for Apple to fix the issue.


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