[Detailed Guide] Add iPhone to iTunes with Ease

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Lionel Posted on Dec 21, 2017 to iOS & Mac Topics | How-to Articles

I just got an iPhone 8 and I have an existing iTunes account from my iPod. I want to manage devices on iTunes but I only see the option of deleting a device, not adding. So how do I add one then?

iTunes is the best way to enjoy your music and your movies, series, apps, audiobooks and more. Directly on your Mac or PC. If we own a new iPhone, we probably need to add iPhone to iTunes in order to do management or synchronization between your iPhone and computer, what's more,  you can access any apps, music, or other media you have purchased from those devices after connecting the device to iTunes, so it will be necessary to do put your iPhone on iTunes. So do you know how to do that? Don't worry, this post will show you the steps to associate your iPhone with the iTunes account. Follow the steps below to have a try.

How to add iPhone to iTunes

Step 1: Launch iTunes on your device like a computer, an iPhone, an iPad, or an iPod Touch. Please pay attention that you have to use the device you want to add to access iTunes to associate it with your account.

Step 2: Use one of the features that require linkable accounts, which are download past purchases, turn on automatic downloads, family sharing, or iCloud Music Library, or subscribe to iTunes Match to automatically associate your device to the iTunes account. A single iTunes account can be associated only up to 10 devices, only 5 of which can be computers.

Step 3: Next, you need to authorize the device with your Apple ID. It should be the same Apple ID of the iTunes account.

After besides iTunes, you could also try to use a free iPhone content manager to manage music on your iPhone.

How to view or remove the associated devices

Just imagine if you want to view the devices added or remove some devices associated, what should we do? Now take a look at the methods below to see if it works for you.

Step 1: Connect your iTunes account with your Apple ID and password.

Step 2: Click your ID and select “Account Info”. Here you have to enter one more time your password.

Step 3: Find Cloud on the interface of iTunes, and tape on “Manage Devices”. The associated devices will be listed on the interface from which you can see the information when the devices are added.

Step 4: Click “Remove” next to a device to remove it. Please note that once you associate a device with an iTunes account, you must wait 90 days before associating it with a different account.

Isn't it easy? If you've succeeded to add your iPhone to iTunes, you can now transfer music from iPhone to iTunes with ease.