Windows 10 Tips and Tricks- Infographic

Windows 10 really brings quite many brilliant features to all Windows users. Honestly, how much do you really know about this system - Widows 10?

Here below, the Windows 10 Tips infographic will thoroughly introduce you reasons to upgrade to Windows 10, problems Windows 10 will cause and hidden features of Windows 10 that you can enjoy. You can follow suggestions in paragraph 2 and enjoy the below Windows 10 fabulous features now:


So many problems have occurred, yet, new system update issues or problems such as data loss or file missing during Windows 10 upgrade process will happen without any signals.

Will you just let the problems happen to your computer?

It’s highly recommended for you to leave enough space for Windows 10 update and create data and system backup images first so to guarantee Windows 10 can be updated in your PC without any problems. When the system update process cannot be finished smoothly, or Windows 10 fails to install in your PC, you'll suffer from serious data loss trouble then. The most unwanted data loss issue will happen and you’ll have to turn to professional data recovery software for help. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard shall be a good choice that this software fully supports all Windows systems and allows you to restore 2GB data for free with its free version. Simple clicks will do.

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