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How to Transfer Files from PC to PC or from Windows XP to Windows7/8 Easily?

2016-09-09 10:43:38 Posted by Daisy to PC Transfer

Want to transfer files from PC to PC ? EaseUS Todo PCTrans helps to transfer files and applications like photos, videos, documents, outlook, windows office, Skype etc to new computer.

"How to transfer my files from PC to another computer?" With the deadline of Windows XP end-of-service coming up, Sarah, one of Windows XP holdouts, have to hurriedly update to Windows7/8. After buying a new computer and installing Window 8.1, she is facing the trouble.

Maybe we also meet the same problem like Sarah, no matter you update to the higher operating system or just change a new computer, files transferring is an essential and necessary task. In the old computer or Windows XP, there are many important files like favorite bookmarks, family traveling photos, purchased musics etc... We need them, we have to move these files to the new PC.

Transfer Files from Old PC to New PC Manually

Mention the file transfer, the first way we could think of is using external storage media. With CD, DVD or removable disk, you just “Ctrl+C” the files from the old computer and “Ctrl+V” them to the new computer. Transferring a large amount of data at once often causes some errors, you’d better move them little by little. For the smaller amounts of files, besides the above storage disk media, you could use the online cloud like Google Drive, Dropbox to move. Yeah, it is a good way, but it will take much time and don’t move all data from PC to another PC. Such as user accounts, programs, applications and their settings, it is impossible to realize with the manual way. If you don’t want to waste the whole day to handle the huge task , EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro will be a good choice, it could easily transfer files from PC to another PC.

Transfer Files and Applications from Old PC to New PC with Todo PCTrans Pro

Firstly, download and run the program on both of computers, and confirm they are in the same network (wired or wireless).

1. Launch the program and choose the destination PC

After you run the program on two computers, Todo PCTrans Pro can detect and recognize other PCs. Choose the targeted PC and click "Continue". If the programs don’t list any PCs, please click "+" icon and input correct IP address as the picture show.

Transfer files with Todo PCTrans Pro

2. Customize the data to transfer

There are two file transfer directions: from current PC to targeted PC, or targeted PC to current PC. Choose transfer direction and the program will show the compatible applications and files to transfer. Click “Edit ”, you could customize the files and applications to transfer. EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro just supports two installed software migration, if you need transfer many software to the new computer, it's better to upgrade to Todo PCTrans Pro.

3. Transfer data from PC to another PC

Set the files to transfer to another PC

When you finish the customized folder and click “Start”, it will automatically migrate data to the matched folder. And the transferring time depends on the size of data. The more you need to transfer, the longer it will take. Now you just have a rest and wait the final transferring report.

Analyze and transfer files

Backup Your Files before Migrating

Avoiding to lose the files, you should backup, backup and backup your data before doing anything. No matter hard disks, removable disks, or the cloud etc, all of them can help you to make a copy. If you have no idea about it, the article will show you how to backup up your data.

Wipe a Hard Drive after File Transferring

To protect the private (password, bank account), you must clear up all information on the hard drive. Some good third-party software can remove all traces on your hard drive. Highly recommend EaseUS Partition Master tool, which can wipe disk or wipe partition to permanently remove sensitive data on disk.

The video tutorial of transferring files among PCs