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How to Recover Shredded Files in Windows

Updated on Dec 28, 2018 by Jean to File Recovery


You can recover shredded files in both Windows and Mac easily. Files shredded by Windows or third-party antivirus programs like AVG, Mcafee, Avast and Norton can be effectively retrieved by EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

How Can I Recover Files Shredded by AVG Antivirus

"Is there any way to recover files shredded with AVG? I shredded a bunch of stuff for work by accident that includes photos, word/excel files and videos."

Microsoft Windows and some third-party antivirus programs, file deletion software and disk cleanup utilities enable users to shred files so that they can be no longer recoverable. What if you use the file shredder wrong like the AVG user? Are files tearing into shreds gone forever?

How to Recover Shredded Files with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Usually, shredded files can be hardly restored as AVG file shredder reminded:" AVG File Shredder provides you with an easy way to permanently and securely delete a file, folder or the Recycle Bin contents on your computer. Files deleted using AVG File Shredder cannot be recovered even with the use of advanced disk utilities."

Here, we can't guarantee a 100% full recovery of shredded files, but the methods did help quite a lot of people find some of their shredded files in Windows and Mac.

1. Recover Word .asd files after Word documents are shredded.
2. Recover temporary Excel files after Excel sheets are shredded.
3. Recover shredded files with EaseUS disk data recovery software.

Download and install the right edition of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard on Windows. Now, give it a try with the 3-step shredded file recovery solution.

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